Top 10 Gambling Tax-Free Countries!


Posted: August 10, 2020

Updated: August 10, 2020

  • Get acquainted with the country rules and regulations before you start gambling
  • In gambling tax-free countries, you pay no taxes for your rewards, irrespective of the gambling type
  • All you have to do – just enjoy the experience

Countries that do not pose taxed on winnings from live and online casinos are called gambling tax-free countries. Moreover, even though the gambling may be legal, there are still rules and regulations to be followed.

It happens like this: sometimes the gambling establishments are the ones who pay the taxes, and sometimes the individuals have to pay the taxes on their rewards.

Therefore, it’s important to know the rules and regulations before you start gambling. So, here is the list of gambling tax-free countries where you can freely gamble.

Gambling Tax-Free Countries – Austria

And we are going to start our list with Austria! Casinos Austria is a monopolistic company in Austria that came into existence in 1934. It manages 12 casinos in the country and many others in the other parts of the world. The company is one of the greatest taxpayers in Austria.

Nevertheless, it is among gambling tax-free countries. Therefore, rewards from online casinos in Austria are not taxed. Casinos cover all the taxation expenses, regardless of whether they are live or online.

gambling tax-free countries
Let’s play!

The World Is Familiar With Australian Casinos for a Long Time

The gambling business in Australia has been around for quite a long time. It emerged in 1810.

Gambling taxes in Australia are not something the gamblers have to worry about – it’s all on the operators’ shoulders. And the rule applies to both online and land-based casinos in the country. There may only be slight tax differences between states, but the general law applies to the country as a whole.

Therefore, you easily travel to Australia or enter one of the online gambling sites in Australia, say, King Billy Casino, and gamble!

There Are 10 Casinos to Find in Belgium Today

Belgium is one more country among gambling tax-free countries, therefore, you won’t have to pay taxes on your rewards there. So, operators in casinos are the taxpayers who pay for the license they have.

People have been gambling in Belgium since the 1300s, but online gambling in Belgium became legal in 2002 only. The procedures are the same for both online and land-based casino houses. Today you can find 10 casinos in the country and the biggest of them is Knokke Casino.

People in Bulgaria Could Not Enter Casinos Before, but This Is Not an Issue Anymore

To know when the first casino in Bulgaria appeared on the streets to go back to 1979. At that time, citizens didn’t have a chance to enter casinos, because those were tourists only who could gamble there. Nevertheless, with the adoption of Bulgarian Gambling law in 1998, this became no longer a problem. Later, in 2012 online casinos were also legalized. So, Bulgarian online casinos are pleasing gamblers ever since and you can also become one of them. Pick Casinoin Casino and start! You won’t have to pay anything on your rewards, casino operators are dealing with it.

Gambling in Canada Has Gone Through a Lot of Instability

Canadian gaming went through its ups and downs. Gambling became legal in Canada in 1400 and then all gambling activities were banned in 1892. The situation lasted until the 1950’s when the country legalized some forms of gambling back. Nevertheless, some small illegal casinos still existed after that.

Despite these restrictions that Canadian gamblers faced with, people today can freely gamble in Canada. Moreover, gambling in Canada is becoming more digitalized, therefore, many gambling sites, like XX, are opening. And the good news is – Canada is among gambling tax-free countries, so you don’t have to pay taxes on your winnings. But this makes many people keep questioning why gambling winnings are taxed in the US but not in Canada.

In Which Cities of Denmark You Have to Look for Casinos?

gambling tax-free countries
Makes you want to gamble

There are not so many casinos in Denmark but it didn’t prevent people from starting gambling right from the 19th century. And today there are six-land based in Denmark with the addition of numerous online casinos. Casino Marienlyst is the oldest casino in the country. The casino is located in Helsingor. Other gambling cities in Denmark include Aalborg, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Veile, and Odense!

Denmark is also one of the gambling tax-free countries. Therefore, casino operators in Denmark pay around 45-75% of their gross revenue for taxes and the gamblers do not have to pay anything for their rewards – just take the prize and enjoy your life.

Germany Is Also Among Gambling Tax-Free Countries

Start of Germans’ gambling experience dares back to the period when Ancient Romans got their territories. Moreover, it one of the most favorite pastime things to do among soldiers. With the opening of the oldest casinos in Germany, women were also allowed to enter and gamble. But official legalization of gambling happened in 1933.

If you want to start gambling in Germany, you can confidently start to do – the winnings won’t be taxed!

Three of Hungarian Casinos Have Been Operating for Decades

In 1752 Hungary established a law on the country’s monopoly on gambling and that’s when the history of gambling started in the country. The 19th century was the period when card games as well as horse-racing betting were becoming more prominent. And there three casinos that have been operating since that period – Casinon Sopron, Las Vegas Casino, Casino Tropicana.

Gambling in Hungary does not require you to pay taxes on your winnings. Whether you play live or online casino – you are free from taxes. The only thing you have to do – enjoy the games!

Gambling Was Just a Pastime in the UK Since the 1700s

UK gambling was one of the most favorite pass-time activities from about the 1700s. However, the legalization of gambling took place in 1968 only. And in 2005, online casinos came. Many online casinos in the UK, including Bwin Casino, have opened ever since.

UK is just another country among gambling tax-free countries which means – no taxes that you have to pay for rewards. Operators, however, pay around 2.5- 40% of their revenue for taxes.

gambling tax-free countries
United Kingdom is great for gambling

Czech Republic Was Booming With Casinos in the 90’s

And finally, Czech Republic! ’90s was the period of gambling explosion in the Czech Republic. A lot of land-based casinos were opening in Prague and other cities. Therefore, today the country has almost 200 casinos, including land-based and online casinos. Most of the in-land casinos you can find at Prague.

Clearly, in the Czech Republic, you don’t pay taxes for your winnings as well. As for operators, they pay around 6-20% on their profits.

You can discover more about Casinoin Casino here.

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