Dota 21 Betting Explained – How To Make Money On The Game


Posted: August 10, 2020

Updated: August 10, 2020

  • Dota 2 is a popular game, but what is Dota 21?
  • This exciting card game is worth playing online
  • Check rules & tips and play Dota 21 at 1xBET

Do you want to play Dota as you have never done before? Here you have Dota 21 betting explained. It is a gambling activity that has nothing to do with a popular video game but is no less exciting and way more profitable.

Playing Dota is not only about a popular computer battle game but also about gambling. Inspired by the video game, Dota 21 is a card game of chance where you have to compete with the dealer for leadership and cash. Check the detailed description and rules of Dota 21 and try it online.

Betting on Dota 2 is also available at online gambling sites in Germany either online or live.

Everything about Dota 21 betting explained

1xBET Sportsbook presents Dota Twenty-One – a game with plenty of jackpots that vary from hourly to monthly payouts. It is slightly based on the Dota game, but the only thing it has in common is design. As for the rest, Dota 21 is a typical card game of luck where you have to outplay the dealer. All you have to do is scoring more than your opponent. Let’s take a closer look at the Dota 21 rules.

How to play Dota 21 

If you want to play Dota 21 online check 1xGames and find the game there. To start playing, you have to place a bet on the total value of cards getting to 21. If you guess, you take money, if not, the dealer is the winner.

Dota 21 betting explained
Let’s start winning!

Here are Dota 21 betting explained step-by-step:

  • Visit 1xBET, create a new account or log in, then find the Dota 21 game;
  • Place a bet on the outcome of each game round: the value of all cards should get to twenty-one;
  • Choose the betting option that is given by 1xBET or write your own. The minimum stake is 0.15, the maximum – €3000;
  • As soon as the game starts, you and the dealer will get two cards each. Then, you should take one card at a time by clicking the “hit” button and keep on doing it until the total value is close to 21 (you can also take 3 extra cards);
  • If you think that you’ve got 21, click the “stand” button. In case of scoring twenty-one with two first cards, you win (at the same time, the dealer doesn’t have to score).

All your victories and losses are counted at the sportsbook, so you always have a chance to participate in weekly/monthly competitions and aim for the biggest jackpot.

Where to play Dota Twenty-One online?

Once you have everything about Dota 21 betting explained, check online sportsbooks in Germany to play the game. In particular, 1xBET Sportsbook (and Casino) has the best Dota 21 game with great visuals and design.  You can ever recognize familiar characters who serve as your assistants. Also, it will give you tips if you forget the rules. Finally, the sportsbook offers attractive welcome bonuses for new users, which you can spend on playing Dota Twenty-One online.

Check also how to play the Lucky Card game at 1xBET Sportsbook, as this game is as simple as ABC.

You can discover more about Dota 21 here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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