Gamers Will Soon Be Able to Stroll in a Park Right in the Middle of Las Vegas Strip

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MGM is planning to construct a large park right on the Las Vegas Strip to help gamers unwind amidst greenery.

If you thought Las Vegas was all about concrete monsters and shiny casino giants, think again. Sin City is going green and there’s no stopping it. Las Vegas is building a park to provide gamers, who play under American gambling laws a nice way to get some rest close to nature.

As we all know Las Vegas was built in the desert, so there’s not much green or water in the city, apart from the luxurious pools in the casinos of course. The city will soon be building an 8-acre park featuring a long list of attractions.

These will include enormous man-made tulips providing shade to weary gamers, 100 ft fountains made in the shape of walls. There will also be street performers and musicians providing lots of entertainment. Moreover, the park will be set right on the Strip, minutes away from any big hotel there.

Who’s behind the project?

Las Vegas to get a real green park

• MGM is planning to construct a park on the Strip filled with attractions

• The park is designed to provide gamers under American gambling laws with some rest

• The park will compete with outdoor shopping district by Caesars

Turns out that MGM, one of the most renowned names in Las Vegas casino business, will be spending around $100 million on the park project. According to the operators Las Vegas is in desperate need of a park attraction, since it’s the obvious thing missing in comparison to any other US city.

Naturally, the park in Vegas will not be like any other green zone. Sin City will pump it up to be extravagant and super attractive. Anyone coming outside the casinos or American poker rooms located in Vegas will be able to enjoy a bit of peace and nature.

The project and the end-result are called simply “The Park”, it will be located on the Strip between New York-New York, Monte Carlo casino resorts, and the brand new 20,000-seat arena currently being constructed in Las Vegas. The opening date is scheduled for 2016.

What else to expect inside the park

Casino guests bored and tired of the flashing lights inside casinos and long hours logged at online casinos in the United States will be surely happy to enjoy peace and quiet in the park. But what else will it have to offer? Well, there’s a long list of restaurants and buffets planned, as well as bars and coffee shops offering various ways to unwind.

Eateries planned for the park include such renowned brands as Sake Rok – Japanese restaurant, extremely popular burger place Shake Shack, a delicatessen-filled waffle place called Bruxie, and many more. As for the bars, they will include a drinking hole with a whisky theme, a rum bar, and a large beer garden similar to those of Munich.

The trees planted in the park and the ones brought in from elsewhere will be complemented by 50ft tulips, designed to provide some shade during the day and light up the city with LEDs by night. Not to mention to ever-present street performers and musicians.

Comments and competition

Jim Murren, MGM CEO, had the following comments about the project: “Beautiful public places are highlights of many of the world’s finest cities, and Las Vegas shouldn’t be the exception. The Park will be the first of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip… To create this picturesque outdoor destination, we are literally taking down the walls and opening the doors at our resorts to develop a unique dining and entertainment district that complements its lush new surroundings.”

Naturally MGM is not just spending money on the park for fun. The whole project is seen as their attempt to compete with rival Vegas operators Caesars Entertainment. Earlier this year, Caesars have opened a whole shopping district outdoors. It’s got a 550 ft tall High Roller Ferris wheel as the main attraction, claiming to be the tallest in the world.

Caesars are also contemplating opening a Grand Bazaar – a copy of Istanbul shopping market, providing their visitors with yet another outdoor shopping place. This is scheduled to be constructed outside Bally’s on a territory spreading over 2 acres.

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