Casinos in Macau Slated for a Change in the Way Gambling is Handled


Posted: May 14, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Mass market gamblers overtake junket operators in Macau, as they prefer to handle their own funds and casino preferences.

Macau usually relied on high rollers to gamble in their casinos by way of “junket operators.” These middle men would usually organize trips and facilitate casino games for a certain commission from the casinos in questions.

Gambling news in Macau reports that the trend has slightly changed, as gamblers nowadays arrive to the “Gambling Mecca” by their own means, without the assistance of the junket operators.

The so-called “mass market” gamblers are projected to generate 37 percent of total gross gaming revenue next year. This will indicate an increase of 23 percent from 2011, according to analysis conducted by Credit Suisse.

Although mass market players do not gamble with the same level of intensity as others, they are still more profitable since there are no charges or commission that need to be paid to the junket operators.

Gamblers use different forms to transfer funds

As advised by Macau gambling laws, mass market players have to personally handle their own cash transfers to the casinos. To make this possible, they usually use the services of UnionPay cards. Estimates report that during 2013 UnionPay made transactions totaling $45 billion, while combined retail sales amounted to $30 million.

Authorities have started to monitor UnionPay operations that offer services in China, while reserving the option to withdraw cash in Macau. The investigation might render gamblers with less money to gamble in the special region.

Even so, players will still have the chance to buy certain goods through UnionPay and then later exchange them for cash in Macau.

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