Police in Shanghai Crack Down on Biggest Online Gambling Joint

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Authorities in China put the law into practice, as biggest ever internet gambling operation is shut down by Shanghai police.

Shanghai police have put a stop to an online gambling site in China that has reportedly processed bets worth over $18.1 billion.

The police investigation began in October of last year, while in April they managed to apprehend 63 people linked to the illegal business.

Reports indicate that a man named “Hong” started the online gambling site from Macau. At first, he only offered betting services to his friends, but later expanded operations, as he sought the help of 17 agents to find more gamblers to join his site.

The site grew rapidly, as recent data showed that it contained over 10,000 active bettors. The authorities have already frozen the accounts of 58 individuals connected with the site.

Many illegal gambling rings shut down in recent times

Previously there have been arrests pertaining to illegal mobile betting sites. Last year, police also took down an operation that took wagers totaling $30 million in merely four months time.

Additionally, they also prevented a joint that offered similar services that facilitated bets from Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In October, the Guangdong authorities also cracked down on a facility that offered both traditional land-based and online games.

Taiwan and Chinese police decided to join forces before the Christmas in 2013, in efforts to stop an operation that worked on a cross-border basis.

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