Gaming Companies Helping Greyhound Racing Fund in the UK

  • Greyhound racing is an important part of the British gambling culture
  • Many have concerns about the welfare of the animals
  • Gaming companies of the BGC are helping greyhound racing fund – and dogs
Greyhound Racing

When talking about greyhound racing, it raises many questions, especially in those who care a lot about animal welfare. Fortunately, not only animal lovers deal with the question in the UK. The Betting and Gaming Council does so as well. Lately, some gaming companies of the industry body reportedly came forward in helping the British Greyhound Racing Fund.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) as the single industry body for betting and gaming in the United Kingdom, have important roles. ”We work with our members, large and small, to drive high ethical standards, create a culture of safer betting and gaming and build public and institutional trust in our world-class industry.” This is why they also put the needs of the British Greyhound Racing Fund (BGRF) forward. With the help of its members, such as BetVictor and Betway they aim to help the fund in raising money to support animal welfare. Here is how gaming companies are helping the greyhound racing fund.

Greyhound racing in the UK

According to the website of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain – also the regulator of the sport – they adhere to their strict rules and they take misdemeanors very seriously. ”As part of our Greyhound Commitment, GBGB has launched a new Code of Practice for the operation and management of residential greyhound kennels. The Code is a broad and comprehensive manual that brings together all the existing guidance and documentation on residential kennel standards into one place so that everyone in our sport understands what is expected of them and has the knowledge, advice, and support to maintain consistently high standards of care. Compiled by veterinary experts and industry specialists, alongside animal welfare partners, the Code of Practice highlights the best practice on operating and managing residential greyhound kennels.”

Gaming Companies Helping Greyhound Racing Fund
Let’s race!

They also have the same values that the BGC and the BGRF are trying to push forward. And with the gaming companies helping the greyhound fund, they will be able to succeed. The above-mentioned Code “covers all aspects of caring for a greyhound’s mental and physical health with recommendations on the construction, maintenance and management of kennels to guidelines on environmental enrichment, exercise, nutrition, and dental care.”

How gaming companies are helping greyhound racing fund

The members – some online gambling sites in the UK – of BGC, like BetVictor and Betway, volunteered to help the BGRF. The Fund was introduced to help raise 1 million fonts to advance animal welfare. With the support of these online sports betting sites in the UK, the BGRF can reach its target. The Fund ensured the supporting BGC members that their money goes straight to welfare and integrity projects. ”It’s fantastic news for the whole of the greyhound industry that all of the Betting and Gaming Council members who offer bets on greyhound racing, both in retail and online, are now supporting the Fund. (…) Once the country returns to normality, this added funding will result in a huge boost to the welfare of racing greyhounds” – said Joe Scanlon, chairman of the BGRF.

Gaming companies and helping greyhound racing fund

It is understandable why many people – like activists for animal protection – are against greyhound racing. They believe that it is cruel to the animals to put bets on how they perform on the course. But greyhound racing, such as horse racing is an important part of the UK’s culture. It is kind of a social fabric in the country. People have been putting their money on these races for many, many years. First, they did it only in retail. But now they might as well do it on online sportsbook sites in the UK, like BetVictor. This way they might even get bonuses. Anyhow, the greyhound racing industry will be standing on its feet – no question. The only query is whether the race animals can live a healthy, full life thanks to the BGRF. And with these backups, they are on the right path to do so.

You can discover more about BetVictor here.

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