Gonzalez vs Cuadras: Betting Guide

El Chocolotito fighter

The consensus number one pound-for-pound boxer on the planet puts his undefeated record on the line this weekend. Now is the time to place your bets on Gonzalez vs Cuadras!

This Saturday night, Roman Gonzalez looks to win his fourth championship belt against fellow undefeated fighter Carlos Cuadras. BetVictor has set the betting lines, so let’s take a look at each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses.

Current Odds: Gonzalez 1/10 – Cuadras 25/1

Size Advantage

Roman Gonzalez is making US gambling news by moving up in weight for this one in an attempt to capture the 115 lb Super Flyweight title. One of the reasons El Chocolatito is not better known is likely because of his small stature. Historically speaking, weight classes under 140lbs have never been highlighted in mainstream media.

At just 5ft 3 inches, Gonzalez finds himself the smaller man in many bouts, and this one is no different. He began his career at Minimumweight and Light Flyweight where he captured titles. 115 lbs will mark the highest weight class Gonzalez has ever competed in, and it remains to be seen whether this will help or hurt his performance.

Carlos Cuadras Mexico

Carlos Cuadras will likely enter the ring the bigger man this weekend (photo:

Carlos Cuadras will definitely enter this fight the bigger man, but not by a substantial margin. Cuadras is just 5ft 4 inches, and has spent the majority fighting at 115 and 118 pounds. No fighter has been able to use a size advantage with much effect against Gonzalez, and it’s questionable whether Cuadras will be able to use this as well.

Advantage: Cuadras

Power Advantage

Whatever Roman Gonzalez lacks in size against Cuadras, he makes up for with power. The Nicaraguan fighter has an impressive 84% knockout ratio, with 15 KO’s in his past 17 fights. Gonzalez uses his incredible speed to overwhelm opponents, and will swarm if he senses his foe his hurt.

Cuadras is also a hard puncher, sporting a 75% KO ratio with his most recent victory coming via stoppage against Richie Mepranum. He may not have the kind of one-punch KO power that Gonzalez has, but he knows how to wear his opponents down to get the finish in later rounds.

This seems to be one of the easier advantages to call. Gonzalez has shown the ability to put top-tier opponents away with one shot, where Cuadras is more of an endurance striker. BetVictor’s odds of Gonzalez as a 1/10 favorite likely comes from his power advantage.

Advantage: Gonzalez

Speed Advantage

Generally speaking, the smaller man will be the faster man on fight night. That seems likely to be the case here, especially considering Gonzalez is known as perhaps the fast puncher in boxing today. Not only is he quick with his hands, he knows how to move his feet fast as well. Chocolotito has tremendous ring awareness, and moves in and out of range without being hit better than any other fighter in the game.

Roman Gonzalaez boxing

Roman Gonzalez uses lightning fast punches to swarm his opponents (photo:

In what seems to be a reoccurring theme here, Carlos Cuadras is also fast, just not as fast as his future opponent. The Mexican fighter has shown tremendous finishing ability throughout his career, and will likely look to match Gonzalez in the speed department, though that’s much easier said than done.

Advantage: Gonzalez

Defensive Advantage

Now this is a tough one to call. Both fighters are undefeated heading into their fight, so clearly they both know how to block a punch. Roman has faced the higher level of competition over his 45-fight professional career, and has never been in serious trouble over any one of his fights.

Cuadras has also shown tremendous defensive ability throughout his career. Against Johnny Garcia, he was dropped by a hard left hook in the first round. He survived until the bell, and managed to KO Garcia in round number two. Apart from that fight, Carlos has never been seriously damaged, using great footwork and good defensive fundamentals to avoid getting hurt.

Advantage: Even

Experience Advantage

Not only has Roman Gonzalez fought the much higher level of competition over his career, he also has nine more professional fights than Carlos Cuadras. Roman has also needed to deal with the pressure of being considered the best boxer on the planet over the past few years. He is tremendously experienced facing tough competition, and has shown he can handle himself under the bright lights.

Gonzalez Nicaragua boxer

Roman Gonzalez has been the #1 P4P boxer for years (photo:

At 28 years old, Carlos Cuadras is also very experienced. He has fought in a combined 12 title fights, and each time walked out with his hands raised. There is no doubt he is facing the toughest test of his career this Sunday, and will need to perform better than he ever has in order to get the victory.

Advantage: Gonzalez

To put it simply, Carlos Cuadras will need to fight the fight of his life in order to defeat Roman Gonzalez this weekend. It would be a tremendous upset, and the betting lines at BetVictor have him as a massive underdog. Nonetheless, this is boxing, and anything can happen.

What do you think about the upcoming Gonzalez vs Cuadras fight? Are you planning to bet on the match? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in the US to find all the best websites to bet on boxing.

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