Grand National Gambling Is The Advance Of A Living History

Bet on the 2017 Grand National

Grand National gambling is as British as fish & chips, and every year vast swathes of the public bet a little on their favorite horse to win this legendary race, and it hasn’t always been the low odds favorites that have won making it all the more attractive to occasional gamblers. This year there’s a strong field once again to wager upon at Bet365, but lets just take a moment to remember the instances that make us love this horse race.

Grand National Gambling 2017

• Historically Apt Wagers
• The Last Samuri – 14/1
• Lord Windermere – 50/1
• Royale Knight – 50/1
• Emperors Choice – 100/1

Hold a horse race every year since the 1830s and you can expect a few things to occur down the years that might stand out, and anyone glancing at the Grand National gambling that it would escape calamity, chaos and the occasional bout of the bizarre is probably in need of a refresher course in reality. Any event that features a field of forty horses jumping thirty fences, some of them quite tricky, is going to be subject to the odd moment of madness, and the Grand National has had plenty.

The one that gets punters flocking to Bet365 to place bets on horses like “Gone Too Far” at 100/1 is Tipperary Tim the horse that in 1928 rewarded all the Grand National gambling long shot fans by winning at just those odds. Admittedly this is because on a misty day and heavy going conditions all 41 other horses fell during the race and only one of them was able to remount and finish the race. If you bet on sports in the UK just once a year it’s stories like that which make the Grand National so attractive.

100/1 Shots Sometimes Win In The Grand National

Grand National Gambling 2017

• Bets For Drinkers
• Cocktails At Dawn – 80/1
• Gas Line Boy – 80/1
• Regal Encore – 50/1
• Thunder And Roses – 25/1

Foinavon pulled off a similar feat in 1967 again at 100/1, after Popham Down (who’d already shed its rider) decided to lunge across the leading pack just before the 23rd fence bringing most to a halt too rapidly to retain the small chap on their back and leaving the way clear for the outsider to storm home a winner and, many years later in the mid-eighties, have the 23rd fence named after it. The bookies like Bet365 which are home to Grand National gambling will be having nightmares about this happening again.

Old UK horse race

Foinavon was a 100/1 underdog when he won the 1967 Grand National (photo:

Of course you can’t talk about Grand National gambling without mentioning Red Rum, the only horse to have won it three times, in 1973, 74 & 77 finishing second in both 1975 and 76 too. The legend attracted numerous people to take advantage of UK gambling laws who might otherwise not have bothered, the thrilling hype surrounding the horse a thing apart, as yet unequaled. Naturally it hasn’t all gone smoothly, it hasn’t all been winners and glory, sometimes it’s just been a bloody shambles.

Grand National Gambling Tradition Continues At Bet365

Grand National Gambling 2017

• Wagers For The Religious
• Father Edward – 100/1
• Lamb Or Cod – 100/1
• La Vaticane – 100/1
• Bishops Road – 50/1
• Bless The Wings – 50/1
• Saint Are – 40/1
• Rogue Angel – 25/1

1993 saw Grand National gambling go out the window as the race was declared void due to what can only be called pandemonium at the start. With a jockey caught up in the starting tape it couldn’t be lifted properly so a false start was called. Unfortunately some riders didn’t get that news and spurred their steeds onward, with seven finishing the full course, having had to skirt officials trying to stop the race who the riders believed were protesters of some sort, something the race has also attracted down the years.

Loonies invading the course have never stopped ther ace and it was only postponed in 1997 because the IRA phoned in coded bomb threats, getting 60,000 spectators evacuated and deprived of their vehicles for a weekend, with the race run on the Monday instead, the organizers of the Grand National gambling on national pride and their publicity department in the UK gambling news of 20,000 free tickets would stop the grumbling. It did. The British are like that and gambling on the Grand National is part of who they are as much as 1066, 1966 or queuing in the rain.

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