Mercedes Bet On Formula One Rebound In China But Should You?

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The surprise win of a Ferrari in Australia means that there’s just a glimmer of hope for those of us that like to bet on Formula One that this season won’t be All-Mercedes-All-The-Time but as the posh boys go-kart club moves on to China will the silver arrows dash our hopes with a one-two in Shanghai?

F1 World Championship 2017

• Daniel Ricciardo – 33/1
• Max Verstappen – 25/1
• Kimi Raikkonen – 20/1
• Valtteri Bottas – 10/1
• Sebastian Vettel – 6/4
• Lewis Hamilton – 10/11

Over the last few years it had begun to look like the only way to win a bet on Formula One race winners was to back the boys at Mercedes however short the odds and hope they didn’t crash into each other. The rest of the grid, their cars down on power compared to the silver arrows, were pretty much only ever racing for third place, and in pre-season testing there were only the barest slivers of doubt that they’d not be doing the same this year. Then the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel won in Melbourne.

Sure, it helped that Lewis Hamilton was held up after a pit stop behind Max Verstappen, never the easiest chap to pass, for long enough to give Vettel a good run out at the front, but even so, the sight of a red jumpsuit on the top of the podium flanked by the white of Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas gave everyone who likes to bet on sports in China reason to bet on Formula One this weekend, suddenly it looked like this year F1 might not just be an elongated advert for well-made German saloon cars.

Can Ferrari Do In China What They Did Down Under?

Chinese Grand Prix 2017

• Daniel Ricciardo – 22/1
• Max Vestappen – 18/1
• Kimi Raikkonen – 8/1
• Valtteri Bottas – 13/2
• Sebastian Vettel – 7/4
• Lewis Hamilton – 1/1

Lewis Hamilton losing from pole position is never a bet on Formula One a sensible person would make and Vettel’s victory is almost as promising as seeing Kimi Raikkonen manage to snatch the fastest lap time on the day. Does this mean that Ferrari will not need to rely on tactics alone to win races? Could their blood red cars actually be as quick as the Mercedes in real-world terms? Perhaps this weekend we’ll find out as the massed collection of teams, cars and drivers arrive in Shanghai for the Chinese GP.

The Shanghai International Circuit is a 16 corner fun-fest with a couple of sizable straights and some very tricky corners where the importance of out and out power will probably be tempered by the need for sensible racing, especially if the weather conditions are poor. Tight turns and wet tarmac can spoil any bet on Formula One you might make every bit as easily as the lack of horsepower, and there won’t be many Chinese gambling news on Monday will be of a victory for any of the lesser 2nd tier teams.

Bet On Formula One At Bet365 This Weekend

Of course if you are going to bet on Formula One Bet365 have all the best odds on the winner this Sunday and right now it’s only the Ferraris, Red Bulls and Mercedes drivers that are given anything below 250/1, so that’s Daniel Ricciardo on 22/1 with his team mate Max Verstappen on 18/1, Kimi Raikkonen gets 8/1, Valtteri Bottas an even handed 13/2, with Sebastian Vettel at 7/4 and Lewis Hamilton sitting pretty as favorite to be victorious once again on (pretty universally quoted) evens.

Naturally anything could happen this weekend, but with rain predicted for the weekend you’d have to think that a bet on Formula One might best be directed to back Max Verstappen who is a wizard in the wet, pushing hard and getting places where more experienced drivers are taking it easy and being sure of their footing. Chinese gambling laws might prohibit backing Max to pull off a stunning win on Sunday but that’s probably where the best value for stake lies, even if you only go each way on the Dutchman.

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