Grey Cup 2020 Odds

  • Blue Bombers will be defending their title in this year's Grey Cup
  • Cody Fajardo has promised to lead the team into championship
grey cup 2020 odds
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Last year, Winnipeg Blue Bombers have won the championship in the finals game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. This was their first title for almost 30 years, ever since 1990. Now they’re in the third place of the Grey Cup 2020 odds at winning with 6.0 betting odds. Last season’s runner-up Tiger-Cats now have the highest chance at winning followed closely by Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

Starting from 2020, the Grey Cup is going to be held on the second Sunday of November. Traditionally, the finals game is reserved for the last Sunday of November. However, the CFL has announced that due to several reasons including the contract renewal with the NFL, the date is going to change. Also, it would be a nice change for the fans and players who brave themselves to attend the game in the cold.

At first, they were considering holding the event in October. After consideration of the complaints from both the fans and media, they decided to keep the middle ground and change the date by only two weeks. This year is going to be the last year with the traditional format.

For the host city, Regina, Saskatchewan has won the bidding and is planning to hold the event in Mosaic Stadium. The last time they’ve held the event was in 2013. Mosaic is an open-air stadium with a capacity of 33350 and one of the best stadiums in Canada. The city’s local team Saskatchewan Roughriders are celebrating its 110th year this year and is hoping to win the championship to commemorate the occasion.

What makes Tiger-Cats the Grey Cup odds favorite?

Even the die-hard fans of the Ticats didn’t hide their disappointment in their team. After cheering their team into 15-3 seasonal record, they probably didn’t expect the crushing loss of 33-12. There’s no doubt that it was harder for the team. The quarterback Dane Evans has told the media coverage after the game that “It just hurts. It hurts real bad, I’m not going to lie. We had a great game plan and we just didn’t execute it”. Considering their performance during the season and the fact that they had a 2-0 record against Blue Bombers, it’s obvious that they were imagining a different game.

However, last year’s loss doesn’t mean that this year is going to be the same. They have the highest Grey Cup 2020 odds of winning the championship with 4.25 betting odds. Team’s head coach Orlondo Steinauer made sure to use that defeat as a lesson and motivation for the team. Both the team players and owners are determined to make up for the last year for the fans. The Ticats have won the title 8 times, most recent being in 1999. Since Blue Bombers won last year, they’re now the team that has been going without a championship for the longest time.

The host team Saskatchewan Roughriders is enjoying positive predictions

The Roughriders are one of the oldest teams of the CFL. Officially, this year’s Grey Cup is the 67th one, while the Roughriders are celebrating their 110th anniversary this season. They won the championship title four times and has been in the finals 19 times. Last year, the Blue Bombers crushed their possibility to lift the Cup by defeating them in the conference finals. Their quarterback Cody Fajardo missed the practice before the big game due to injury and later revealed that he played in that game with two torn oblique muscles.

grey cup 2020 odds
Saskatchewan Roughriders Cheerleaders – Image source: SriMesh / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Fortunately this year, the quarterback is promising to be in his best form to lead the team into championship. They have Grey Cup 2020 odds of winning at 5.5 according to Unibet. The team is going to be pretty similar to last year. The team’s general manager Jeremy O’Day has told the press that he likes where the team is right now and not planning to do any major changes.

Last year’s champions are struggling to defend their title

As mentioned many timed before, Winnipeg Blue Bombers have won the championship for the first time in almost 30 years last year. However, the online sportsbooks in Canada are predicting that the chance of them repeating their success is, unfortunately, highly unlikely.

Winning the Grey Cup comes with its drawbacks as well as the benefits. Because of their outstanding performance during the finals game, most of the players that made up Bombers’ backbone are leaving for NFL. The questioning of their success this year started just days after the finals. 3 players who were in the most important position in the team- Matt Nichols, Zach Collaros, and Chris Streveler are all free agents. The head coach Mike O’Shea has promised to figure out their quarterback situation. The team has already added three players to their team and is now standing at the third place in Grey Cup 2020 odds of winning.

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