Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies for Beginners

  • Greyhound racing betting can be lucrative entertainment.
  • How to bet on greyhound racing and how to analyze matches for betting?
  • In this article, we will analyze the types of dog racing bets and much more.
Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies

Greyhound racing is an exotic sport in many countries. The most popular competition is probably in the UK, where more than 50,000 races occur in a year. And the volume of bets on dog competitions is second only to football and horse racing. Greyhound racing is also popular in Australia, Ireland, the USA, and other countries. Historically, in these spectacular sports, interest has been fueled by cash bets. In the modern world, online bookmakers cannot ignore dog racing. Therefore, we explain the basics to which you need to pay attention. And we will give greyhound racing betting strategies on how to correctly place bets on dog races.

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Types of Greyhound Racing Bets

There are seven main types of dog racing bets.

  • Bet on the winner of the race (win only). The bet will win if the selected dog comes to the finish line first.
  • Bet on a prize place (show). A bet on the dog that will take the prize. If the bookmaker’s rules indicate that the prize places are from the first to the third, the place only bet is available in the line. This is a bet that the selected dog will take first or second place.
  • Forecast – bet on the dogs that will finish the race first and second.
  • Trio or Trifecta – a bet on three dogs who complete the race first, second and third.
  • Supertriffecta is a bet on the sequence of the first four runners.
  • Two twists bet – a bet on the two dogs that will come to the finish line first. The finishing sequence does not matter, unlike the forecast bet.
  • Lay – the bet will be placed if the selected dog does not finish first.
  • Other special bets: on the winners of two adjacent races, or the selected dog winning two races in a row, and so on.

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How to Bet on Greyhound Racing?

The main advantage of betting on dog races is the integrity and honesty in the conduct of the races. You can’t bribe a greyhound with money. The human factor is minimized. If there is a rider in the horse racing, then there is no human influence in the dog race. The human factor is reduced only to the organization of the competition. As a result, everything depends on the hound’s abilities and readiness. To place a successful bet, you need to understand the sport. Beginners need to consider some factors to improve their chances of success. How can a player determine the favorites in dog racing? What selection criteria works in these seemingly exotic competitions?

Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies
Picture Source: SNL
  • Distance and class of races. The higher the race class, the higher the competition. Understand the specialization of race dogs. That is, how a particular dog performs at different distances. Everything here is like in life. Like people in athletics, dogs specialize in a certain distance. Accordingly, they are favorites at their profile distance, although they are often used at other races as well. The better should determine if the profile distance is for his hound. In addition, the specifics of the race must be determined. Are these conditions suitable for your hound? What rivals will you have to compete with?
  • Box number. Consider whether your favorite will run along the outer or inner circle. Indoor Run minimizes the collision factor with other runners. Some greyhounds, on the other hand, perform better in the outer circle. In most cases, the organizers take into account the characteristics of the dog and its preferences to start in a certain trap. In turn, fans of betting on dog races should weigh: whether the greyhound starts in its place to the inner side of the track.

More Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies

  • The Interval between races. This factor influences the optimal shape of the greyhound. If the dog is in the box with an interval of three runs, then it may not be able to show its best result. Although the trainer must understand when his greyhound is at its peak. Every living being needs rest to recover. It is up to the trainer to determine how well the dog is ready for a particular race. Trainers can also sense when their pets are in top shape. Experienced bettors who keep an eye on certain competitors can also navigate when the hound is in optimal shape. In most cases, trainers give their pets a break after 3-7 races.
Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Weather. The weather, as with other sports, can also affect the outcome of your races. It is not for nothing that the bookmaker broadcasts the weather conditions at the time of the competition. Perfect track conditions in good weather conditions work for the favorites. Unfavorable conditions and any force majeure in most cases even out the situation, increasing the chances of underdogs, therefore, with changes in weather conditions, dog racing forecasts also change.

Tips and Tricks to Bet Correctly for beginners

  • Bet on victory in the run of the favorite with odds in the range of 1.40-1.90 in ideal weather conditions.
  • Play against the favorites of the race. For example, a bet of the type Lay, in bad weather according to the Martingale strategy.
  • Take an underdog on a fixed-income strategy if the favorite is in the second race in a row or if he has run more than five races in a day.
  • Bet on the dogs running closer to the inner circle with the best speed in short-distance races.
  • Check out the middle distance greyhound for victory if it does well in long-distance races.
  • Take a bet that in dog races with obstacles the outsider will take the prize if he has previously competed in long-distance races.

So these were the greyhound racing betting strategies for beginners. Now a question arises: In which sportsbooks to bet on dog racing? The leader in offers on online greyhound racing bets is 1xBET sportsbook. You can find the full list of sportsbooks that accept bets on greyhound racing on online sportsbook sites in the UK

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