Guide to the New Blackjack Sidebets

New Blackjack Sidebets

LeoVegas Casino has introduced six new blackjack sidebets to its huge collection of games. Learn the games’ rules and enjoy bigger winnings on blackjack!

Many players don’t know that blackjack has numerous sidebets that give an additional twist to the base-game. Blackjack in itself has some rule-variations, yet, those don’t affect the game-play, nor the player’s goal. Blackjack sidebets, on the other hand, can provide a prize even if the player loses the base game, which is probably their most attractive feature.

f you want to try some of these games, you should collect as much information as possible, as some of the sidebets are more profitable than the others. Also, it’s important to note that outcome of the sidebet has ni bearing on the outcome of the base game. In the following paragraphs, we’ll introduce you to a few of the most popular sidebets.

1. 21+3 Blackjack Sidebet

  • Bet limit: GBP 0,10 – 250 
  • Based on: player’s first two cards and dealer’s up card 
  • Return to player: 92,86%


  1. Suited Trips 100:1 
  2. Straight Flush 40:1
  3. 3 of a Kind 25:1
  4. Straight 10:1
  5. Flush: 5:1 

In the 21+3 Blackjack sidebet, you can receive a huge payout if your first two cards and the dealers up card make a 3 card poker. You win the most with Suited Trips, as this combination pays 100:1 of your bet. Therefore, if you placed a GBP 200 sidebet, you will leave the table with GBP 25,000, on top of your winnings from the base-game.

2. Buster Blackjack

  • Bet limit: GBP 0,10 – 250
  • Based on: when the dealer busts
  • Return to player: 93,8%


  1. 8+ Cards 2000:1 (if you have Blackjack)
  2. 7 Cards 800:1 (if you have Blackjack)
  3. 8+ Cards 250:1
  4. 7 Cards 50:1
  5. 6 Cards 18:1
  6. 5 Cards 4:1
  7. 3 or 4 cards 2:1 

Buster Blackjack is one of the newest sidebets, which was recently by AGS, a supplier of casino games, in 2015. This games provides an optional bet, which provides the opportunity to win an additional cash prize when the dealer busts. Buster Blackjack’s rules are pretty simple: the higher the number of cards the dealer busts with, the bigger is your win. Furthermore, if you score a blackjack in the base game, you can receive an even bigger payout for the dealer’s bust.

Blackjack Sidebet

3. Lucky Ladies sidebet

  • Bet limit: GBP 0,10 – 250 
  • Based on: player’s first two cards 
  • Return to player: 93,78%


  1. Queen of Hearts Pair 100:1 (if you have Blackjack) 
  2. Matched Twenty 30:1 (if you have Blackjack) 
  3. Suited Twenty 10:1 
  4. Any Twenty 3:1 
  5. Any Queen 1:1 

North America’s favorite blackjack sidebet, Lucky Ladies, is also available to play online. If you live with this sidebet option, you can win up to 100:1 of your bet. If your first two cards make a combined total of 20 or feature one more queens, you’re up for a huge payout. The sidebet’s name stands for a pair of the Queen of Hearts. As this game is played with six deck of cards, you have higher chances to bump into the lucky ladies. However, you can win even with one queen of any suite.

4. Lucky Lucky sidebet

  • Bet limit: GBP 0,10 – 250 
  • Based on: player’s first two cards and dealer’s up card 
  • Return to player: 94,14%


  1. 7-7-7 Suited 200:1 (if you have Blackjack) 
  2. 6-7-8 Suited 100:1 (if you have Blackjack) 
  3. 7-7-7 50:1 
  4. 6-7-8 25:1 
  5. 21 Suited 15:1 
  6. 21 3:1 
  7. 20 2:1 
  8. 19 2:1 

The sidebet that can be found in a number of US and Canadian casinos, Lucky Lucky, has finally arrived to your gadgets. The Lucky Lucky sidebet is based on your initial two cards and the dealer’s up card. You win the bet with if those three cards reach the value of 19, 20, or 21. Some card-combinations provide a bigger payout, other’s less, but this game has one of the highest return to player percentages, despite the fact that it’s payout table looks much more complicated than the others’.

Blackjack Sidebet Guide

5. Perfect Pair Blackjack

  • Bet limit: GBP 0,10 – 250 
  • Based on: player’s first two cards 
  • Return to player: 93,89%


  1. Perfect Pair 21:1 
  2. Coloured Pair 12:1 
  3. Mixed Pair 6:1 

Last, but not least, we’d like to introduced you to Blackjack Perfect Pairs, which is one of the most famous blackjack sidebets. The rules are simple: if your first two cards form a pair, and have the same face value, you win. For example, a pair of the King of Hearts is considered a perfect pair. The payout percentages of this sidebet are not the best, compared to the other games, yet it’s an exciting addition to classic blackjack.

Where to play these new blackjack sidebets online?

All of these new blackjack sidbets are available at LeoVegas Casino. The popular UK online casino has recently updated it’s blackjack catalogue, providing a greater variety of unique blackjack sidebets than any other online casino. If you’re not a LeoVegas Casino member yet, check out their welcome offer, which consists of four deposit bonuses and 200 free spins. Please take a look at our LeoVegas Casino review, if you want more information.

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