Hackers Break Top Casino Websites Belonging to Sands Group

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Hactivists breach all Las Vegas Sands’ websites to send a personal message to Sheldon Adelson.

There has been a huge virtual shutdown in casino land, as some of the home pages belonging to the world’s largest casinos have been shut down by external hackers.

Sheldon Adelson is not exactly a popular guy at the moment in the gambling world, and keeps making headlines in gambling news for his vocal campaign to ban online gambling.

But it looks like Sheldon has irritated someone else with web-savvy skills, this time it’s hacktivist group, people who attack websites to send a political message, calling themselves the Anti WMD Team are behind the hack.

Sands Casino Websites Shut Down After Hacker Attack

The hackers have shut down the home pages of the Venetian Casino, Sands Casinos in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Singapore and Macau, as well as the company’s corporate page.

The Morning Call in Pennsylvania posted screen shots of the sites that showed Adelson posing with the current Israeli prime minister along with a message condemning weapons of mass destruction.

Adelson has not only been vocal about his stance on US gambling laws, but also in his support for Israel, and said he was considering dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran, commenting that strength was the only thing the country understood.

The hack of the Sands Casinos has raised concerned about the safety of personal data in gambling, especially following on from the credit and debit card hack of Affinity Gaming back in 2013.

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