Have You Ever Heard Despacito with Footballer Names?

Despacito Footballer Names

The lyrics for the biggest pop hit of this summer is pretty hard in Spanish if you speak only English. Let’s make it a bit easier…

I assume you have heard the biggest pop hit of this summer: it’s Fonsi’s and Justin Bieber’s Despacito, which is to be played all the time on every single radio and everywhere. No matter where you are, there is no way to escape from this song. You will hear it eventually, listen to it and it will got stuck in your mind for ever.

And you will want to sing it because it’s so incredibly catchy. But you might have some difficulties with the lyrics because it’s mostly in Spanish. Up until now. Are you a football fan? And are you also a fan of Despacito? So far, it was impossible to imagine Despacito at online sportsbooks, but what has changed now? Check out Despacito with footballer names and enjoy enjoy!

There are other tries as well…

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the extremely creative artwork of the YouTuber Game Jam HD, you can find new lyrics for Despacito from other wannabe musicians as well. For example, here is another one, which basically translated the lyrics into football words: players, teams, you have it all…

Which one do you think is better? And which lyrics are better, the original ones in Spanish, or Despacito with footballer names is a bit better? Whatever the case is, don’t forget to bet on any of the names in the videos. Join the best online sportsbooks in the UK and place your bets while singing Despacito with footballer names!

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