Want to Bet on the NCAAF Championship Online? Head to Intertops

2017 NCAAF betting odds

College football fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the season, and it’s now possible to bet on the NCAAF championship online with one of the best sports betting sites in the world, Intertops.

We at GamingZion recently covered the betting odds for which player will win the Heisman Trophy this year, and now it’s time we discusses the betting odds for which team wins the championship.

There are a number of teams expected to thrive this season, and many underdogs have some terrific odds to pull off the upset. The regular season will officially begin on August 26th, so let’s take a look at a few of the best options when it comes to making bets.

Bet on Alabama: 4.00

Alabama Crimson Tide is one of the most successful teams in NCAAF history. They’ve claimed 16 national championships throughout their history, most recently in 2015. Under head coach Nick Saban, they’ve won 4 championships and are always one of the best options to bet on the NCAAF championship online with one of the many online sportsbooks in the US.

NCAAF Championship winner betting odds

  • Alabama: 4.00
  • USC: 8.00
  • Florida State: 8.50
  • Ohio State: 8.50
  • Oklahoma: 11.00

One of the reason’s for Alabama’s success is their extremely well-rounded roster. Quarterback Jalen Hurts is perhaps the best known player on the team right now, yet Tony Brown and Jo Scarbrough have been key reasons for their success.

Crimson Tide is at the top of the NCAAF championship betting odds this year. Intertops lists their odds at 4.00.

Bet on USC: 8.00

The USC Trojans have the highest all-time post season winning record in history. There’s no denying they possess one of the best teams in the NCAAF, but it’s been since 2004 that they’ve managed to win the national championship.

NCAAF betting

USC beat Penn State in the 2017 Rose Bowl (photo:

2016 marked the first year of Clay Helton’s role as head coach, and he proved his worth by leading the team to a great win in the Rose Bowl over Penn State. The team finished 3rd in the AP polls for the season, and are understandably one of the best options to bet on the NCAAF championship online this year.

At the moment, USC’s odds to claim their 12th national title are set at 8.00. With top players like Conner Sullivan and Osa Masina, they’re expected to continue the success they found last year and may be the safest college football bet to make in 2017.

Florida State: 8.50

While it’s tempting to highlight one of the many great NCAAF championship betting underdogs available at Intertops, it seems the most logical to list Florida State. The Seminoles are considered to be one of the most successful college teams in history, with a current bowl record of 27-16-2.

Florida has won a conference title in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and won last national title in 2013. Jimbo Fisher is in his 7th season as head coach. Much like the other two teams we listed, Florida is a tremendous option to bet on the NCAAF championship online, but should their odds of 8.50 to make US gambling news with the championship win this year be as high as they are?

The answer is yes. The Seminoles again showed how good they are last year with an Orange Bowl win over Michigan. None of their top players are injured, and they will likely be one of the most competitive teams during both the regular and post season.

If you want to bet on the NCAAF championship online, make sure to head to Intertops. Here you’ll find a full list of college football betting odds. Tell us who you think wins the national championship in the comment section below!

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