He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Richard Bryan and Online Poker in USA

Former Nevada governor goes from opposing to supporting introduction of legal online poker in United States

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Even hardline politicians sometimes make mistakes, and luckily for us some of them are still not afraid to admit those mistakes. A renowned lawyer, senior Democrat and former Nevada governor, Richard Bryan, has publicly declared that he was wrong for not supporting previous efforts to regulate online poker sites in the United States.

He spoke at the recently held Southwest Bankruptcy Conference in Las Vegas, describing legalization online poker as a sure way for Nevada to grow and prosper. Naturally, in the case of online poker sites, tax revenue growth is only possible when online poker is licensed and regulated.

Currently there are several high-ranking politicians supporting a change in American gambling laws, which most analysts predict will soon bring regulated and taxed online gambling to the United States. There are several bills currently under revision at both state and federal levels.

United States gambling news reported excerpts from Bryan’s keynote speech: “We are in very challenging times. Visitor counts, convention attendance and room rates are going up, but it’s never going to be like it was in the late 1990s and earlier this decade.”

He opined that Las Vegas, with its high dependence on tourism, conferences and entertainment, had been among the hardest hit American centers to fall victim to the adverse economic conditions. When speaking about the state’s gambling industry, the former governor was emphatic that licensing of internet poker will ensure that Nevada will became the nation’s online poker regulatory body.

Richard Bryan’s record of public service goes back to the seventies and includes spells in the Nevada Senate, as the state’s Attorney General, as a Senator for a period of 12 years, and also a two terms as governor of Nevada.

He went on to add that legal online poker will undoubtedly bring billions of dollars in state revenues. He was quick to note that he remains opposed to introduction of online casinos in United States.

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