Children Playing Poker in Switzerland during Gambling Summer Camp

Lucky Swiss children are able to spend the summer learning the game of online poker in Switzerland during a special poker summer camp.

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Klaus has been thinking for over a minute and finally decides that the re-raise on the river is nothing but Gretchen’s bluff, and so he makes the call.

The cards are shown and it becomes clear that Klaus misread the opponent and Gretchen was not bluffing, but making a value bet, and thereby ending Klaus’s reign as chip leader.

These are not professional players or young hotshots playing online poker in Switzerland at foreign based casino, but pre-teens and early teenagers learning the intricacies of poker at a Swiss summer camp.

The game of poker, while highly popular in Switzerland has been restricted exclusively to casinos by the recent Swiss gambling laws. The laws already survived a legal challenge when Switzerland’s top court decided that poker is a game of chance and not skill.

However that has not been preventing Swiss parents from ensuring that their kids are able to beat the game when they become old enough to play for real money.

Heinrich, who enrolled Gretchen into the poker summer program, has been overwhelmed by the positive effects it has had on her performance after the start of the regular school year.

“Ja. Last year Gretchen asked me for her food money. This year she comes home with her own money that she won at school, and even buys me a good bottle of schnapps sometimes. I am proud of her,” explains Heinrich who highly recommends the Swiss poker summer camp for children of all ages.

According to online gambling news in Switzerland, Bertolla Sven who is a professional poker player, is dedicating his free time to ensure that the kids understand the fundamentals of the game first before moving to any high level strategy.

Organizers were encouraged by the overall results and the camp is sure to be repeated the next summer.

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