Here are 2 Great Political Bets to Make This Month with BetVictor

2017 political betting

BetVictor is known for offering their members some great political bets. Here are two of the best you can actually make this month.

2016 was one of the most bizarre in political history. Will 2017 be just as crazy? In this article we take a look at two of the best political bets you can make right now.

Bet on the French Election

As the date draws nearer, the French Presidential Election is getting more and more confusing. Francois Fillon was seen as the most likely winner for months, until a scandal involving massive funds sent to his wife erupted in the media. After a recent raid on his home, and talk he could be prosecuted in court, his chances are beginning to dwindle. Nevertheless, you can still bet on him winning. His odds sit at 9/2.

Marine Le Pen seems to be following in Donald Trump’s footsteps. The National Front leader was not expected by many political betting experts to have a real shot at winning, but with less than two months until the election, it’s beginning to look like she has a shot at making UK gambling news with a win. Le Pen winning is one of the great political bets to make this month. Her odds sit at 2/1.

The most likely winner of the French Election is Emmanuel Macron. The 39 year-old Socialist Party member looked briefly in trouble after taking his time releasing his formal program, but is now ahead in the polls to win the French Election. BetVictor lists his odds at 5/6.

Bet on Which Year Trump Stops Being President

Another one of the best political bets to make this March is on Donald Trump. It didn’t take long after Trump was inaugurated for his critics to call for impeachment. He’s managed to avoid that fate thus far into his presidency, but anything can happen. Right now, you can actually bet on which year Trump leaves office with one of the best online sportsbooks in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, the year with the highest odds is 2020 or later. Only two presidents have been impeached before, and unless Donald does something crazy it’s likely he’ll serve his entire first term. Trump’s odds to stay in office until 2020 or later are set at 4/5.

The other years also offer some great odds. Trump leaving office in 2017 has odds of 5/2. In 2018 his odds to leave are set at 5/1. Trump’s odds to leave in 2019 are set at 7/1.

Will you make some great political bets in 2017? What do you think about the outcomes of the ones we listed? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and make sure to check out BetVictor for a full list of 2017 political bets!

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