Here are 3 Possible Scenarios for Jon Jones’ Future

Jon Jones' future

It’s unclear what will happen with one of MMA’s greatest talents, but in this article we’ll take a look at 3 possible scenarios for Jon Jones’ future.


How will history remember Jon Jones? The New York native made his UFC debut at 21 years of age, and in less than 3 years became the youngest ever champion in the sports history. Jones’ talent was something never before seen in MMA, yet personal troubles have marred his career and have now tarnished his reputation, perhaps beyond repair.


In Jon’s most recent hiccup outside the cage, he tested positive for an anabolic steroid in the weigh in before his fight with Daniel Cormier. He famously won that fight by KO, but it’s now anyone’s guess what is next for his career. Let’s take a look at a few possible scenarios.


Jon’s test is a result of tainted supplement, he’s given short suspension

The best of all the scenarios for Jon Jones’ future is that his team finds that a supplement he took tests positive for the steroid he was busted for. If this happens, it’s likely the NSAC will give him a massively reduced sentence and his return to the cage would be highly likely.


This is far from impossible, as we’ve seen it happen to a number of athletes over the past several years. Of course, generally if this is the case it’s announced within a matter of weeks, and it’s already been months since Jon failed the aforementioned drug test.


If this is indeed the case, Jon may be eligible to return within a few months. It’s unclear exactly who he would take on in his return, though a rematch with Daniel Cormier would seem likely. Nearly all online sportsbooks in the UK listed Jon as a massive MMA favorite in the first two fights and it seems likely he would enter as the favorite once again in the third match.


Jon receives a full four-year suspension for the failed drug test

Another one of the most likely scenarios for Jon Jones’ future is that his team cannot make any real case for his test failure and he receives the full four-year suspension for competition.

If this happens it’s not hard to believe that Jon would retire from the sport. He would be 34 years old at this time and would have not made money from MMA.


Of course, Jon is one of the greatest fighters of all time and it’s entirely possible he could return and still compete at the highest level of the sport. If he did return at 34 however, it’s unclear exactly how sites like NetBet Sportsbook would list his odds to win.


Jon is released from his contract and competes in MMA abroad

This might not be the most likely of the scenarios for Jon Jones’ future, however some MMA betting experts feel it will happen. If Jon indeed is given a suspension for four years, it’s possible he will request a release from his UFC contract to compete abroad in shows.


It’s highly likely that Jones could make some serious money competing in Russia and Japan, although it’s anyone’s guess whether or not the UFC would grant him said release.


It would certainly make UK gambling news
if Jon does decide to compete abroad. It’s almost guaranteed that Jones would come in as a massive betting favorite according to sites like NetBet Sportsbook regardless of who he would take on.


What do you think are the most likely scenarios for Jon Jones’ future? Will he ever compete in the UFC again? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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