Miracles Do Happen: Will You Bet on Iceland to Win the World Cup?


Posted: October 10, 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

While not many would bet on Iceland to win World Cup 2018, it might not be such a doomed idea if we take a look at the facts…

Iceland did miracles at Euro 2016. The tiny island qualified for the competition and went on from the group stage in the second place behind another Euro-miracle participant, Hungary. Online sportsbook news sites in Iceland were full of pride after the Round of 16 as well as the group stage.

The Viking country’s footballers beat England 2-1 and reached the Quarter-Finals, where they had to face France. The hosting nation won the match, but the Icelandic team won our hearts. And this year proved that their success was not just a one-time miracle, but they have actually built up a good team that could cause tons of surprises…

Iceland confidently qualified for World Cup 2018…

Not many would have expected Iceland to qualify for World Cup 2018. They were drawn together with Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland and Kosovo. Online sportsbook sites in Iceland regarded Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine as favourites to qualify for World Cup 2018 via winning the group and they were also favourites to finish in second position and hence qualifying for the Play-Off round.


However, the odds were upset by the miraculous Icelandic national football team who kept marching towards glory: for example, they booked their ticket to Russia by beating Turkey 3-0 in Turkey. Iceland won the group and they will participate in the World Cup for the first time in history. Are they ready to upset the odds even more?

Can Iceland win World Cup 2018?

While no sane person would have placed a bet on Iceland to win Group I in the World Cup Qualifiers, no sane person would bet on Iceland to win World Cup 2018 at this point. However, those who did think of the Icelandic team being able to qualify for the World Cup by winning their group, were capable of winning huge amounts of money thanks to the outstanding odds for Iceland in the online sportsbook directory.

Now you can find outright World Cup 2018 winner odds at many online sportsbook sites, but you better find the ones offering the best odds. If you want to bet on Iceland to win the World Cup, you should visit the latest review about Betfair Sportsbook and sign up for a new account at the site.

You can find 1001.00 odds for Iceland to win World Cup 2018 at Betfair Sportsbook. These are by far the best odds to bet on Iceland to win World Cup 2018, other sites offer much lower odder for Iceland’s miraculous victory. Of course it’s not likely, but it might be worth placing a bet on Iceland to win the world Cup next year, considering their constant improvements in recent years…

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