Top 5 Simplest Online Casino Games to Burn Some Money

simplest online casino games

Do you want to switch off your mind for a moment or just spend some time while the chance of making some money keeps on lingering? Then try a few of the simplest online casino games, such as Under and Over 7, at 1xBet!

It’s not all about stimulation, action, and huge wins. Sometimes we all want a break and do things for the sake of doing them. Let’s say, you have €0,50 that you can spend without worrying about it… Why not go and play a simple online casino games? You might lose it or multiply it. At 1xBet you’ll find plenty of easy-to-understand games that don’t require any strategy. With the games on this list it is all about luck!

Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails is probably the simplest online casino game you can think of. All it takes is a bet, a choice, and a flip. Open the game, choose either heads or tails and flip the coin. If your guess was right, your stake is doubled. If your guess was wrong… well, you can always try again. The bet limit of this game is €1-365. 1xBet offers an extra version of this game as well, Doubling Your Stake, that changes it up a bit. You place a fixed bet of €1 and if you win you continue with €2 and so on, until you decide to cash out.

Under or Over 7

Yet another casino classic for online or mobile play. The rules are simple: two virtual dices are thrown and you bet on whether their total value will be under, over, or exactly 7. If you bet on over or under, you can win 2.3 times your bet. Betting on 7 can pay 5.8 times of of your bet. The minimum stake is €0,20 and the maximum is €365,73. This means that the maximum win is €2,121. Sound good, right? Good luck!


Simplest Online Casino Games

Lucky Card

We continue with another prediction game that has been around for a while. In Lucky Card you predict the color or the suit of the top card in the deck. The bet range is €0,20-365,73, which befits is perfect for every wallet. A correct guess of the color pays x2, predicting the suite pays x4 your bet. Unfortunately, you cannot combine the two probabilities, but that’s probably because 1xBet wants the game to be as simple as possible.


This game comes with the highest available bet from all five. In 1xCards you can bet as low as €0,20 or go all the way up to €1097,20. You job is to guess whether the next card will be Higher, Lower, or Equal to the one that was drawn. Numbered cards equal their value, and the others are counted as follows: J – 11, Q – 12, K – 13, A – 14. The payout depends on the odds offered by the game.

Rock Paper Scissors

If you had a childhood, which you probably did, there’s no need to introduce you to the rules of Rock-Paper-Scissors. All you have to do is choose a sign, place a bet, and click play. A win pays x2, and a draw pays x0,9. The minimum bet is €0,20 and the maximum is €365,73. Therefore, the maximum amount you can win in the online version of Rock-Paper-Scissors for real-money, is €731,47.


Simplest Online Casino Games

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