Holey Moley Australia 2021 Betting Odds and Preview

  • Holey Moley Australia season 1 premiers on February 2021 
  • Queensland resident Mark is a favourite to win the new mini-golf game show 
  • Montana is among the pro golfers competing for this season’s title 
Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting

If you’re looking for some weird bets to try your luck on this year, look no further than Honey Moley. Now, the US sports reality competition has now made its way over to Australia. As a result, fans and bettors can get in on series premier’s action with Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting odds. 

Without a doubt, the new year just got a whole better with the season premiere of reality game show, Holey Moley Australia. Eight contestants from each episode battle it out on an extreme mini-golf course full of surprises. What’s more, the competition has thrown in several pro golfers in to mix.

This time around, the Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting predictions foresee a win for Mark. Let’s see how his chance of winning stands against some of the featured contestants on 22BET Sportsbook

Contestant  Odds
Mark 1.75
Michelle 2.75
Montana 4.50

Mark has the best Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting odds to smash the mini-golf course 

At this time, Queensland resident and waste management worker Mark poses as the likely winner of the new game show. Without a doubt, a win on Holey Moley Australia will be the cherry on top for Mark who’s a golf enthusiast. 

Since childhood, golf is Mark’s favourite pastime and now, he’s passed down his love for the game to his sons. Now he stands a chance to make his sons and most importantly himself proud by winning Holey Moley Australia. 

This is because he currently has the best odds on the online sportsbook sites in Australia to win. 

As a result, he poses a safe bet with Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting odds at 1.75 on 22BET Sportsbook

Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting
Let’s watch!

Michelle looks to put her golf skills to the test at this year’s Holey Moley Australia 

Without a doubt, travel agency owner Michelle is so far one of the most competitive golfers on Holey Moley Australia. What’s more, she now goes by the nickname of “woo girl” on the show thanks to her unique but effective style of play. 

According to the online sportsbook news in Australia, Michelle has been playing golf her whole life thanks to her grandparents. Now, the 38-year-old golfer will be looking smash her way through the mini-golf course for Holey Moley Australia bragging rights. 

At this time, she’s the second favourite contestant to win the game show with odds at 2.75. Lastly, Montana is another contestant looking to claim the season premier win of Holey Moley Australia. However, unlike the featured 2021 hopefuls, the 23-year-old is actually a pro golfer. 

But just how well will she perform on the gruelling mini-golf course? According to the 22BET Sportsbook, not so well. Currently, she has the worst Holey Moley Australia 2021 betting odds among the 2021 hopefuls at 4.50

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