How Celebrities Spent New Year’s Eve 2020

  • For many of us, the New Year is one of the most important holidays.
  • In this article, you will find how celebrities spent New Year’s Eve 2020.
  • Now we will open the curtain of secrecy and answer to all of your popular questions.
How Celebrities Spent New Year's Eve 2020

For many of us, the New Year is one of the most important holidays, because it depends on how our next 365 days will pass. Decorating Christmas trees, houses, cooking New Year’s meals, and watching your favorite films are traditions that both children and adults love. Surely, everyone at least once came up with a question: how do famous people celebrate New Year? Now we will open the curtain of secrecy and answer this question. In this article, you will find how celebrities spent New Year’s Eve 2020.

How celebrities spend their winter holidays: Gifts

In the USA, as in Europe, Christmas and New Year are the main winter holidays loved by both ordinary people and movie stars. In the Californian crowd on Rodeo Drive or New York’s Rockefeller Center, hundreds of Santa Clauses and Hollywood celebrities roam among the casual people. They, like all Americans, make lists of gifts, come up with a menu for the New Year’s table and make holiday plans. Indeed, shopping for presents is a particularly responsible business. Information about gifts of celebrities for their relatives or loved ones will undoubtedly be leaked to the press and become a topic of discussion for many months to come.

In the prestigious department stores Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue, whose names have long become a symbol of luxury, you can find Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Beckham at the end of the year. By the way, it was the ex-Spice Girl that bought not only diamond cufflinks for her husband last Christmas but also a set of non-stick pans. They say that the famous football player loves to cook, and therefore he was incredibly delighted with the gift. In gratitude, he pleased Victoria with a real chocolate fountain for Christmas.

How Celebrities Spent New Year's Eve 2020
Hollywood, where celebrities dwell

And yet the most popular gifts even among the stars are jewelry, clothing, and perfume. Indeed, last year’s top gifts were confidently topped by the Clive Ghristian No. 1 for Women Pure Perfume. The crystal bottle is all gold and diamonds, and its price is $ 2350. Meanwhile, the second place on the list went to ReVive Peau Magnific cream for $ 1,500 per bottle. But how celebrities spent New Year’s Eve 2020? When everyone exchanged their gifts, some preferred to have fun in the online casinos in the USA. 

How celebrities spend their winter holidays: Places

Having chosen gifts, Hollywood celestials throw all their energy into decorating houses. Indeed, the most popular attributes remain Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands with red and gold ribbons, and numerous bulbs on trees and windows. Last Christmas, the homes of the stars were decorated with the black Christmas trees adorned with Swarovski crystals and golden balls. This year, high society preferred red and gold in home decoration.

It is customary to celebrate Christmas with the family. Thus, Celebrities leave for their historical homelands where their relatives and friends live. For example, Antonio Banderas and his wife go to Spain, Johnny Depp prefers a chalet in a village near Saint-Tropez, and Schwarzenegger flies to Austria. Meanwhile, Mexican Salma Hayek celebrates the holiday in the noisy company of relatives and tequila. And even a long flight to Australia does not become an obstacle for Hugh Jackman.

Some celebrities prefer to arrange a holiday for those who are less fortunate in life. Jennifer Lopez gives gifts and sings to beggars in Bronx shelters. Meanwhile, Madonna and Sean Connery participate in charity dinners, the proceeds of which are donated to medical funds for the poor. Last year, at such an event, there was an embarrassment: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall showed up to the party in the same dresses and once again quarreled, proving that female friendship is a relative concept. However, this was not the way how celebrities spent New Year’s Eve 2020. Gambling Celebrities enjoyed themselves in the Intertops Casino.

More about winter holidays in Hollywood

How Celebrities Spent New Year's Eve 2020
Emily Ratajkowski – Image via Wikimedia

Unlike Christmas, Hollywood celestials celebrate New Year publicly, widely, and noisily. The grand parties thrown at the homes of Nicolas Cage and George Clooney are becoming the lust for everyone, including the wealthiest. Unfortunately, journalists are not allowed there, but some information leakage still occurs. Last New Year’s Eve at Donald Trump’s tumultuous Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump nearly got into a fight.

Usually, there are no strict rules for the New Year Eve’s table. The main thing is that champagne should be present the whole night, which should not be cheaper than vintage Dom Perignon. The bottle is accompanied by tartlets with various fillings, collectible cheeses, potato cream with Piedmont truffles, and biscuits from the Parisian pastry shop La Duree. Besides, more and more young stars prefer to celebrate the New Year in exotic warm countries. For example, Gisele Bündchen visited her native Brazilian beaches last year.

Meanwhile, Uma Thurman and Holy Berry flew to the Caribbean, and Kate Moss rocketed in Thailand. Besides, lovers of winter romance choose the Aspen ski resort in Colorado. In this way, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Model Heidi Klum with his family, and even Michael Douglas pass their holidays. The latter firmly settled in Colorado, having bought a house there as a gift for his beloved wife Katherine. And Celebrities Who Play Bingo spent hours enjoying this game in online casinos in the USA.

How celebrities spent New Year’s Eve 2020

Bright and evening dresses, cozy and warm home suits and pajamas – Instagram pages of celebrities were overflowing with a variety of holiday photos. In this article, we will tell and show how everyone’s favorite icons celebrated their winter holidays. For example, girls from the Kardashian-Jenner family are not used to celebrating the holidays modestly, so the star family went to a luxurious ski resort. There, Kylie Jenner taught her 2-year-old daughter Stormi to snowboard while Kendall drove a snowmobile.

Meanwhile, the famous model Emily Ratajkowski, who is now in position, in turn, preferred a family dinner. However, this did not stop the celebrity from wearing an elegant green slip dress, complementing it with minimalist accessories. Whereas American supermodel Bella Hadid also chose to celebrate the New Year with her family. The celebrity went to her ranch, where she spent time with loved ones and her favorite animals – horses. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham celebrated 2021 with their children. Additionally, the family shared a short video on Instagram, in which they showed the brightest moments of the past 2020.

Unfortunately, the American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez spent December 31 at work. On this day, the celebrity launched the sales of her JLO Beauty cosmetics line. In honor of this, Jennifer Lopez and her team threw a party at the company’s office. While judging by the outfits of model Haley Bieber and singer Justin Bieber, they decided to celebrate the holiday outside the house. Besides, The Game of Thrones star, who recently became a mom for the first time, decided to celebrate the New Year at home. Sophie Turner shared a black and white photo of her with three cute pets. The star-shaped hoop on the actress’s head reminded me of the festive atmosphere.

How sports stars spent New Year’s Eve 2020

The past 2020 was filled with difficulties and worries for the whole world. The holiday that many expected, most celebrated at home with their families, and some even away from her. Many people abandon mass festivities and trips abroad. Nevertheless, last year taught us to value our loved ones and the time spent with them. Here’s how the sports stars met the new year. Also, learn Why Do People Bet On Celebrities to have more fun.

Antonella Roccuzzo, the wife of the famous football player, posted photos with her lover and children on Instagram. Lionel Messi met in 2021 surrounded by loved ones at home. On holiday photos you can see them wearing matching red pajamas in a cozy home environment. From the whole family, they wished the subscribers love and health in the new year. Meanwhile, PSG striker Neymar shared New Year’s photos in a bright silver outfit, surrounded by loved ones. Recall that on December 27, information appeared about the football player’s involvement in organizing a large party for 500 people. However, Neymar denied these assumptions.

One of the most talented and sought-after football players in the world celebrated this special day with his family. Ronaldo shared the photo with his kids and his significant other, Georgina Rodriguez. “2020 was not an easy year, there is no doubt about it. No one can remain indifferent. But now it’s time to go back and show that together we can make a difference, “- Ronaldo wrote on his Instagram. Meanwhile, the wife of the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin shared in stories on Instagram a festive dinner with her husband, children, and relatives. And those celebrities who couldn’t meet their dearest still had some fun while gambling in the Intertops Casino. You should also check it out. Good luck!

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