How Comp Points Work In Online Casinos


Posted: March 12, 2020

Updated: March 12, 2020

  • A lot of modern online casinos attract their customers with loyalty programs
  • Comp points are bonuses that online casinos award to active players
  • In this article, we will look at how comp points in online casinos work

Most modern online casinos offer so-called “loyalty programs” to their customers. These are the systems for accumulating complimentary club points. According to the rules of online casinos, players achieve some awards for the bets they make. After a customer collects a certain amount of these points, one can subsequently exchange them for money or other valuable prizes. So let’s take a look at how comp points work. 

The gambling market always faces growing competition. Therefore, online casinos in the USA are trying to fight for their customers in all possible ways. They attract new users with free spins and greeting bonuses after making first deposits. And regular players are kept with the help of loyalty programs and complimentary points.

Online Casino Bonuses

Almost any online casino in the USA has bonus programs. Moreover, marketers are working hard on their continuous improvement. A wide variety of bonuses not only allow to attract new customers but also make the gambling experience more enjoyable for regular users. Today, online casinos offer different kinds of rewards, namely:

  • Welcome bonus package for first-time sign-ups. It may be cash incentives or free spins for the first 1/3/5 deposits;
  • Bonuses for players making regular bets;
  • Birthday presents;
  • Bonuses for high-rollers;
  • Comp points.

In this article, we would like to talk about the last type of bonuses. Why? Since these bonuses are of most interest to a lot of players who want to know how comp points work.

how comp points work
Use comp points to your advantage!

How comp points work in online casinos

Generally speaking, complimentary (comp) points are bonuses that online casinos award to active players. Moreover, they are sometimes distributed as part of promotions. The number of points awarded may depend on the selected way of gambling. For example, playing slot machines, one can get more comp points than at card games. However, this is not the rule for all gambling establishments. Thus, online casinos may have conditions for loyalty programs. 

Indeed, there are many different ways to use comp points. For instance, you can exchange them for real money. Moreover, sometimes profitable partnership agreements are made between casinos and online outlets. Thus, you can spend comp points in online stores. Of course, customers can also purchase something valuable directly from the casino itself: free spins, lottery tickets, etc. Besides, there is an opportunity to spend comp points on participating in regular club tournaments.

All in all, options for using comp points may be different. It all depends on the imagination of casino marketers. Now you know how comp points generally work. If you want to experience all the advantages of the loyalty programs, visit Bovada Casino. And be ready to get the most of your gambling experience! 

Levels of loyalty programs and their influence on comp points

All decent casinos have multilevel loyalty programs, according to which players are assigned statuses. For instance: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Usually, the initial level is assigned to all players. However, in rare cases, participation in the program is possible only after the invitation of the administration. Usually, a gambler is transferred to a new level after fulfilling certain conditions, like making deposits for the specified amount.

The higher the status of the user becomes, the more comp points one will receive for bets. Moreover, the more profitable for him will be the exchange rate of these points for money.

Besides, online casinos provide additional benefits for customers with a higher status. For example, they may receive gifts for holidays. Therefore, check what exclusive Bovada Casino offers to its players, and you will be amazed!

How to use сomp points?

how comp points work
Learn how to use them!

Experienced players use point accumulation systems to overcome the mathematical advantage of the casino. They look for establishments with the most favorable conditions. Afterward, players try to rise to the maximum level of the loyalty program and make bets in games with the highest return.

For example, one can play the most profitable video poker, strictly following the recommendations of the basic strategy. The minimum advantage of the institution will be laid in it. Although they lose a little over a long period, a refund of the loyalty program compensates for this loss.

Depending on the rules of the chosen online casino, you can exchange the received comp points for real money and place bets on the selected slots. Each online gambling establishment may have its own rules and policies. In any case, the competent use of comp points will be beneficial, since it makes gambling experience more pleasant. You can find out how comp point works while playing in Bovada Casino. Their loyalty program won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

Get the most of comp points!

Currently, you should not even play in an online casino if it does not offer a good loyalty program. But first, make sure you are a member of one before you bet on real money. Also, take part in all promotions and lotteries that online casinos may offer. In general, use every advantage of the loyalty program.

Visit Bovada Casino and find out your self how comp points work.

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