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Posted: April 20, 2022

Updated: April 20, 2022

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As you can imagine, a poker billionaire’s life is full of glamour and luxury. We will introduce an American poker billionaire, Dan Bilzerian, to you. According to his social media accounts, Dan is not short of money and women. He was among the first Instagram stars who got famous only because of his pictures. Though, not about his poker career, but about parties and, mostly, women. People call him the King of Instagram. He has an ever-changing and growing harem. Most men watch the playboy poker player’s pictures jealously. In this article, we will show you how poker billionaires live!

The Road To Dan Bilzerian’s Success

We followed the road that led to his current lifestyle, and, well, your eyebrows will most likely shoot up your hairline a few times. So, let’s see how poker billionaires live! His father worked in the financial sector, even on Wall Street. According to Dan, he earned all his money in poker, but he certainly would have had the financial security to fall back on if his poker career took a downturn. However, his father had his ups and downs. He went to prison for fraud, and Dan bailed him out. 

This followed him around his childhood when kids bullied him with his father’s misdeeds. He had to change schools twice, once for behavior. They kicked him out of high school when he had a gun on him. Yikes! He spent four years in a boot camp and then joined the army, but after 500 days, they also kicked him out. He completed the tasks with flying colors, but he got into an argument with his commander. Then he started to build his poker career. He won more than 50 million dollars with playing cards. Allegedly, he has more than $ 100 million, but with the speed, he keeps spending it, we can’t know for sure. The 41-year-old billionaire has had three heart attacks already, two of which occurred in one day. 

After partying for five days straight, he thought that taking Viagra with cocaine, ecstasy, and alcohol would go smoothly. His heart didn’t like the idea but survived it. Though, he doesn’t deem fazed by it one bit. He lives every day as if it was his last. This approach weirdly makes sense. Though, one time when they had to hospitalize him, Bilzerian started a bet on social media about whether he would survive it or not. You have to admit, that’s disturbing. Check out how poker billionaires live at online poker news sites in the US!

How Poker Billionaires Live

He loves weapons and even has an enormous collection. As a college player, he already won around $ 100,000, but winning it and keeping it are different things. He was good at the former but terrible at the latter. His arrogance and overconfidence ruined him financially, but his weapon arsenal and business sense got him out of trouble. He sold his 1,000 dollars worth of guns for ten times more, then used the money to enter more poker games and increased his wealth by about $ 200,000. 

Later, though, he made some bad choices. He was arrested for explosives when one of his cars blew up. However, money can buy everything. He paid for his freedom and got out of jail. In 2018, Azerbaijan issued an arrest warrant for Dan, who, while being in Armenia, acquired illegal weapons. He fought the charges, and the American Consulate asked them to drop the charges. We don’t know what happened after that, but the matter took time, and money, most likely, to settle. 

How Poker Billionaires Live
Picture Source: Piqsels

Even though he acts as if the world were his playground, and revolved around him, he also does something for those in need. According to Bet365 Pokerhe paid $ 2,000 for someone so he could enter a poker match, and in return, he got from the winning. In 2013, when a typhoon struck the Philippines, he sent $ 100,000. Probably he has done other charitable deeds too. However, other poker players question his $ 100 million fortune. He has never won more than $ 3 million per game, and with his lavish lifestyle, it’s hard to believe he owns that much. Many accuse him of being fake and only renting his sports cars, and the whole Instagram account is for show. Who knows these days? There are pros and cons, although it’s also true that he has several investments.


His women deserve a whole section in the article. Usually, various women are part of how poker billionaires live, and basically any other wealthy man. However, Dan Bilzerian changes them faster than his underwear. He surrounds himself with beautiful women, even employing some of them to stroke his beard. He also paid topless girls for cutting his hair, and once, he threw a girl from the roof of his house into the pool, injuring her ankle during the process. 

Vanessa Castano, a model in Florida, accused him of kicking her in the face. He managed to outrage the Internet when he posted a video offering money to his girls if they ran a mile in under five minutes. Then he was blocked from a social media platform when Bilzerian made a girl run three miles while waving $ 30,000 in front of her. The way he looks at women and treats them is highly questionable, yet dozens of women flow to him, and men would switch places with him in the blink of an eye.

If you take a look at his social media accounts, you will have to pick up your jaw from the floor to be sure. From private jets to hotel rooms, there is always a horde of women around him. He has a whole camera crew to follow his extraordinary life and record the King of Instagram’s crazy parties. Get ready for pictures of him with the girls holding a giant piton, watching movies from the hugest bed ever, smoking joints, or using a girl’s back as a table in the jacuzzi. Even though many claim him to be a jerk, he is the classic example of how poker billionaires live.

How Poker Billionaires Live

His only permanent loves are his cats, Smushball and Penelope, who also became Instagram stars due to their weird looks, crazy photos, and famous owner. He posted a video where he wakeboarded with his cat on his head. Of course, that caused mixed reactions. Some praised him, and some accused him of being inconsiderate and cruel. With him, you just never know what to expect. His wild lifestyle can involve anyone and anything. He has tried his luck in various businesses, and the film industry is no exception. He invested $ 1 million in the movie Lone Survivor, where he even played a bit part for a little while. The money turned out to be a good return on investment, but he never returned to the big screen. This is part of how poker billionaires live. They can try everything they want.

Hero or Not

Even though some records state that he has given money to charity, we don’t know whether he is fake, real, a hero, or the opposite. When the 2017 Las Vegas shooting went down, he posted some videos of himself on the scene. He claimed to witness the incident firsthand and implied that he tried to help, but the police did not let him. In one footage, he is running away from the scene, and on the other, he is completely different, dazed even, saying they caught the shooter and he couldn’t do anything more. 

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People speculate whether he has misplaced heroic urges, a desire to prove himself worthy, is just an attention seeker, or really is a hero in disguise. Many professional soldiers commented on those videos, questioning his credibility. If he was such a hero, why was he running away, and why was he taping instead of offering real help. No matter what, it is how a poker billionaire lives in the 21st century. Don’t forget though, that social media posts don’t always qualify as the truth. 

How Dan Bilzerian lives is definitely one of a kind. Maybe we shouldn’t classify heroes by money, weapons, women, and the numbers of their followers. For some, this life is a dream come true, but for others, it’s repulsive. For what it’s worth, Dan lives his life the way he wants, and even if he does that publicly, we have no business judging him or his harem. If he does not harm himself or anyone else, he sure lives the extraordinary life of a poker billionaire! If you want to do it after him, go to Bet365 Poker, and give it a try! Check out our articles about the top 6 famous female poker players or famous poker players who lost it all.

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