Tips For Gamblers: How to Avoid Gambling Spam

  • We have collected the best ways to avoid spammers while gambling
  • Useful tips for gamblers & casino owners on how to protect their data
how to avoid gambling spam

If you gamble online from time to time, you might have noticed ads that don’t look legitimate at all. Have you ever received suspicious emails with exclusive offers from casinos or sportsbooks you haven’t even visited? They are so annoying that it is better to learn how to avoid gambling spam once for all than waste your time deleting them.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who consider spamming as an effective marketing tool. They stop at nothing to promote their websites, including sending tons of spam, i.e. irrelevant promotions, ads, emails that are applicable for everyone. Spam can also be identified as relevant ads that are sent to the recipient without his agreement or subscription.

There is also another category of people using spam – scammers. They aim for worse than taking you to a casino but take your money using fake gambling websites. They usually have nothing in common with real-life casino owners though scammers usually create fake platforms similar to existing sites. All in all, they still produce a lot of spam to catch your attention. How to limit the amount of spam on the Internet if you are a gambler or a casino owner? Let’s see.

how to avoid gambling spam
Take care of your spam problem.

How to avoid gambling spam: a guide for players

Fortunately for gamblers, all reliable online casinos in the US have nothing to do with spam. However, if you choose a casino to play from the outside, you are not as secure. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you to reduce the amount of spam on your computer or even forget about it forever.

  • Create a new email account and use it for signing up for online casinos or sportsbooks. Once you start receiving spam, you will know exactly where to look for a website that sold your email to spammers. This simple step will not only help you to say bye to unreliable casino sites but prevent others from gambling there. So, don’t forget to share your experience with other gamblers.
  • Block ads on your browser. This is the simplest way to avoid irritating pop-up ads every single time you turn the computer on. Use ad blockers that are recommended for your browser or mobile device as they really help. Also, you can go to settings of your browser and manually limit pop-ups for certain websites you don’t want to see.
  • Report spam. It can sound weird, but the more you ignore or unsubscribe from spam, the more unwilling messages you will get. Any actions you do to spam shows that your email is active. The best thing is to contact your provider and report about spam as many of them know where to complain.
  • Play time-tested casinos. Don’t believe deposit-free and cheap offers as they are likely to make a profit from spamming. Choose Intertops as the best-ranked casino site in the United States. If you reside in Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, check the list of reputable casino sites that are available in your area.

How to avoid gambling spam: tips for owners

If you are an online casino owner, you need different advice on how to avoid gambling spam than players. Why? Spammers and scammers usually don’t send ads as they do to gamblers, but use existing websites for their dirty tricks. To simplify, hackers create their own “casino site” on the basis of yours by copying a design, set of games, and site name with a slight difference that is hard to notice at first glance. Then, they start sending spam to gamblers offering them to visit their casino and get the money. As a result, true casino owners suffer when the truth is out. Even if it is obvious that you are a victim too, your casino will be associated with scammers.

how to avoid gambling spam
Not this kind of spam.

In another case, spammers can simply infect your site to get profit. With the help of posts, links, or ads, they can steal your traffic and send it to online properties set up by hackers. So, what to do to protect your online casino or sportsbook site?

  • Update it regularly. CMS components require in-time updates, otherwise, they will leave a gap for hackers.
  • Use strong passwords. This step is the easiest way to avoid unnecessary spammers by protecting your data with good passwords.
  • Regularly scan sites in order to reveal whether they are infected with spamming or not.
  • Report about spam messages to special services.

Use trustworthy gambling sites in the US and you don’t have to search how to avoid gambling spam.

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