How to Become a Professional Bettor


Posted: October 2, 2020

Updated: October 2, 2020

  • Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in building a successful career as an online bettor.
  • In this article, we decided to talk about main rules, observing which you can outgrow the amateur level and climb a step higher.
  • Let’s figure out how to become a professional bettor!

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in building a successful career as an online bettor. It’s one thing to place bets for fun, and quite another to do it professionally. In this article, we decided to talk about main rules, observing which you can outgrow the amateur level and climb a step higher. Let’s figure out how to become a professional bettor!

What helps a bettor to grow like a pro?

In fact, there are only a few things that make you a good player. Moreover, the absence of at least one of them will not make it possible to achieve the set goal. There are two important psychological qualities, without which it is simply unrealistic to become a pro: self-reliance and psychological stability. Why does someone manage to start their own business or achieve high growth within the framework of their specialty, while others do not? It’s all about self-confidence, strengths and skills.

A fear of change and taking even a small risk is just the fear of acting outside the box. Indeed, most people don’t do it and this is the main reason for the lack of success. Moreover, uncertainty in one’s own abilities will immediately lead to a complete failure in betting. Psychology is the main weapon of a bookmaker, who uses three points against bettors:

  • A keen desire to earn huge money in a short time;
  • Frequent losses lead to a loss of self-confidence;
  • The desire to win quickly after a big loss.

It is the last point that causes complete failure even for experienced players. So how to become a professional bettor? Read our article about Sports Betting Secrets You Need to Know About Before You Start Gambling in one of the online sportsbooks in the USA.

how to become a professional bettor
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Perseverance and hard work helps you become a professional bettor

It is simply unrealistic to become a pro without being able to carry out high-quality analytical work. However, a qualitative analysis requires daily work. The bettor should constantly study information and news sources and already at this stage conduct a constant analysis of the data obtained. At the same time, in order to search for one promising bet, the gambler can analyze 3-5 selected sporting events. Usually, it takes an average of 30 minutes to study each event at Bet Online.

Sometimes a bettor can select 5 matches, spend 2-3 hours analyzing them, and the result of such work may be zero. Thus, the user has not been able to find a single promising option. Indeed, this is one of the most difficult moments. In such a situation, many users, feeling sorry for themselves, choose the first more or less suitable option, bet and lose. However, if you want to know how to become a professional bettor, you need to choose the next 3-5 promising matches. Afterward, you should again carry out complex analytical work and may then win.

Gambling experience is what you need!

Perseverance and hard work lead to one important thing – the gambler gets experience. Over time, a bettor is well versed in the peculiarities of the sport chosen for betting and the tournaments within it. Subsequently, this player begins to understand all the patterns in the selected championships. However, it is on the basis of the discovered patterns that experienced players develop working strategies for the game. Besides, experienced bettors are not ashamed to study the promising developments of other users. Sometimes this allows you to find a strategy that suits you, make small adjustments to it and use it successfully in online sportsbooks in the USA. The way how to become a professional bettor is now easy but rewarding.

How to become a professional bettor: Get the flair

Many bettors grin at the word “flair” in sports betting, believing that this is a simple fiction. However, it really exists and this is not some otherworldly phenomenon, but a real moment of the game. Indeed, it is simply associated with the vast experience of the bettor oneself. A user makes hundreds and thousands of bets for a long time and some of them lose at those moments when it is extremely unlikely to happen. Over time, at a subconscious level, the player is left with information about seemingly promising situations.

Thus, when a similar situation arises again, the subconscious mind gives a signal to the bettor and one is saved from a losing bet. In this case, the pros get a flair based on vast experience. When a complete outsider comes to visit the leader, it is hardly to believe that a champion will lose one’s title. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is in such matches that the leader outperforms complete outsiders with a 1-2 goal difference. Practice your skills in Bet Online and start making real money.

What prevents you from becoming a professional bettor?

There are several reasons that prevent even experienced players from becoming a pro. Excessive doubt is one of the most difficult psychological factors. Unfortunately, many people cannot defeat them throughout their entire game of betting. Read our article about 5 Typical Sports Betting Mistakes to avoid them in your gambling career.

Hope for other people’s predictions

When a gambler takes the first steps in betting, it will be useful to read the forecasts of the professionals. Meanwhile, try to understand what the pros are paying attention to and how they build their analysis. Such forecasts simply make it possible to obtain a large amount of useful information and interesting conclusions. However, in the future, the bettor should gradually move away from the forecasts of other users and begin to rely on one’s own strengths and skills.

how to become a professional bettor
Let’s bet!

Using dishonest methods of the game

There are some popular and not entirely fair methods of playing. For example, bets based on the bookmaker’s mistakes. When the match is over, and the line for it has not yet been closed, in such a situation, the user bets a large amount on a 100% option and wins money. Opening multiple accounts for exceeding the maximum limit is also not the way how to become a professional bettor. In terms of professional growth, this is a road to nowhere. Over time, the bookmaker’s security service searches for active dishonest players and adds them to the general list, which is seen by other sportsbooks. Over time, such a player will be blocked everywhere. Thus, learn How to Manage Your Bankroll Properly in Sports Betting and start making real money

Psychological moments can prevent you from becoming a professional

There are several psychological nuances that prevent the bettor from growing over oneself. We should fight them with all our might and hide them far, far away in the subconscious.

The desire to quickly win back the recently lost amount is one of them. Trust the chance and just bet on luck, because today there is no mood for laborious analytical work. If apathy and bad mood strongly press, then on this day it is better not to bet on sports. How to become a professional bettor? Listen to your emotions and choose the best odds in Bet Online when you are in a good mood.

To sum it up: How to become a pro in betting

Our article is written in simple words, and reveals points that are understandable to everyone. However, only 3-5% of bettors can learn to follow these simple tips and deal with seemingly understandable nuances that hinder professional growth. So what can you do to find your way how to become a professional bettor? Just start practicing your skills and using our tips in Bet Online. Experience is a key to success. Good luck!

You can discover more about Bet Online here.

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