How To Bet On Cockfighting And Survive To Talk About It

  • Guilty Man Killed By His Own Cock Using 3” Blade
  • Bet365 Won’t Tell You How To Bet On Cockfighting 
  • Police Efforts To Curb Traditional Sport Lack Support
How To Bet On Cockfighting

Explaining how to bet on cockfighting is probably superfluous. Choose the biggest and most aggressive looking cock, dumb-dumb. However, apparently, that’s the easy bit. Recent events proved it’s the escaping afterward that’s tricky. This is because online betting sites in India, like Bet365, will not provide odds on cockfighting. You actually have to attend. Now you might think that this proximity to squabbling birds places you in no real danger. But you’d be very wrong.  

Is it a horrific blood sport or traditional pastime of the rural classes? Tricky. Given the fate of so many chickens in battery farms, providing it with a blade and a fair chance seems positively pro-cock. At least by comparison. Sure, it’s a touch gladiatorial in the most gory way possible. Matches see chickens hurt and killed. But let’s face it; They are only chickens. Many of those seeking to know how to bet on cockfighting would thus claim the cruelty is but negligible. 

This is because no one snatched these chickens from the great wild herds of fowl that sweep majestically over the Indian countryside each year. They’re farm chickens. If you’re squeamish and ever wonder how to bet on cockfighting whilst retaining some humanity; remember you’re human. They’re chickens. The relationship is a tad uneven. Promise, Bet365 and other online sportsbook sites in India will not give you good odds on a chicken take-over of the planet.

Killer Cock Stabs Man During Escape Attempt

Perhaps we’re lucky in this respect. Some may well say we have enough problems. Or that chickens are already running the world. So, it’s probably best if we put aside the deep question of chicken’s rights. After all when you need to know how to bet on cockfighting it’ll probably be a little ad-hoc. This is, after all, an illegal sport. That’s why the mainstreams sites like Bet365 want nothing to do with it. And rightfully so. But illegal doesn’t mean impossible or even infrequent.

“The bird was taken into custody and will be produced in court as evidence.”

  • B Jeevan – Police officer

In certain areas of certain countries cockfighting is still relatively common despite legal prohibition. They’ve been doing it for centuries. They see no reason to stop because some city dweller a long way away gets upset. So, it breaks Indian gambling laws. So what? It’s just a little local fun. Which is why knowing how to bet on cockfighting is probably only applicable in a few cases. Still, better to know and not need that knowledge than the other way round, right?  

How To Bet On Cockfighting

Bet365 Won’t Help You Learn How To Bet On Cockfighting

One man in Telangana selected a bird to fight in a village match. As is common he attached a three inch (6cm) blade to one of the animal’s legs. Perhaps perturbed with the way things were going, the cock at this point attempted escape. The owner naturally tried to recapture the bird. The chicken resisted. It stabbed and killed the man. So whilst knowing how to bet on cockfighting is great, apparently knowing how to avoid a crazed blade-armed chicken is more useful.

Of course, there are many stories of pets killing their owners. Hunting dogs accidentally knock over rifles killing their masters. Bored show tigers chew the magician’s face off. And what does one trampled elephant trainer more or less matter to the world? Probably not much. However, when someone is killed by their own cock? It’s time to sit up and take notice. So perhaps don’t learn how to bet on cockfighting at all and instead bet on sports in India at Bet365. Try cricket perhaps. You know. Where the chickens can’t get you. 

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We take a look at why knowing how to bet on cockfighting isn’t as important as knowing how to get away with your winnings.

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