Reasons To Plan For Hitting The Winning Lottery Numbers

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Winning Lottery Numbers

Most of us buy a lottery ticket in optimistic hope. We know the odds, but with such a low stake, where’s the problem? A little fun. No harm done. Much of the time the most any of us suffer is the loss of our stake. Something more than made up for by the frisson of hope when we purchase our ticket. However, counterintuitively hitting the winning lottery numbers doesn’t mean you avoid suffering. Indeed it would seem the best lottery to play is one you planned on winning.

I was just too young to cope with suddenly having that amount in the bank when I’d come from nothing.” Callie Rogers won £1.9m. You’d think that was a dream come true. Unfortunately for her she found it a nightmare. “In the past six years I have sunk into a black hole. A black hole that at one point I thought I could never crawl out of.” Callie attempted suicide three times. So what, then, happened to turn hitting the winning lottery numbers into such a ghastly ordeal? 

I was spending a fortune on Cocaine.” Callie admits sadly. “A nasty evil drug that tears your life apart.” She isn’t proud of her drug use. “I’ll be honest, about a quarter of a million pounds of my win has been wasted on it.” Which is quite the admission. Still it’s not overly surprising. Young people aren’t really designed for sensible financial forethought. Callie hit the winning lottery numbers and discovered even the best lottery jackpots can turn into a big poisoned chalice.

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I won’t lie, I’ve blown most of it.” She says dolefully. “But you know what? I don’t care.” She’s adamant. “Because all that money has brought me is a headache.” This seems hard to believe.  She hit the winning lottery numbers and spent her winnings, as many of us would, on vacations, luxury goods and flashy cars. How can you get that wrong? Well Callie could. Recently ploughing off a road in her 4×4, the police first pepper sprayed her and then took away her license.

“We all make mistakes in life and I made some when I was young and naive but winning the lottery was a big part of becoming the person I am today and I’m proud of who I am.”

  • Callie Rogers

I try to forget the ups and downs I’ve been through and just feel like a normal person.” She said. Well losing  your license after dangerous driving possibly under the influence of narcotics is pretty normal. Mission accomplished. So, what can we learn from this sad tale of woe? Well as the best lotto jackpot reviews would probably point out, lacking a plan is never a good idea. If you’re going to pick out the winning lottery numbers, you should probably have a plan in place.

Winning Lottery Numbers
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Teen Hitting Winning Lottery Numbers Turns Sour

Naturally, no one is suggesting you just sit on your win. If you hit the winning lottery numbers you’re going to want to splurge. The error is to do so on the temporary, the fleeting. Sure it’s a great sports car but what’s the depreciation on that? And holiday’s are great, but all the time? No. You have to set yourself up for a future you can now afford. Resist the temptation to spaff it all against the wall on short term pleasure. Sure, it sounds quite dull, but the alternative is horrid.

“I was too young. Overnight I went from carefree child to adult.”

  • Callie Rogers

The pressure to splash out and live a glam party life has gone.” Callie sounds tired as she says it. “And I prefer it.” She admits candidly. She hit the winning lottery numbers at just sixteen and within just a few years had lost nearly all of it. Callie didn’t have a plan and suffered for it. Don’t make the same mistake. So when you go on over to Lotto Agent to check out the progressive jackpot lotteries, just make sure you know precisely what you’ll

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We take a look at the sad case of Callie Rogers the teenager who hit the winning lottery numbers but found riches didn’t bring her happiness.

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