How To Bet On Economics Without Actually Understanding It

Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 don’t offer many wagers on the economy, but that’s misleading. Whilst the high financiers would have you believe it’s a mysterious world of numbers, it’s not. It’s just another type of casino. There is absolutely no need to understand any of it in detail. Anyone who wants to know how to bet on economics need look no further than their nearest broker. But just in case the jargon confuses here’s a few pointers to help you out.

Learn how to bet on economics easily

1. Stocks & Shares

Traders will tell you this is a science based on assessment and a rigorous understanding of macro-economic influences. They’re liars. Given the mercurial nature of modern business, there is no possible way to monitor all the factors involved. So for those learning how to bet on economics it’s best to think of it as a large roulette table. The only difference is the numbers have been replaced with silly names, and the margins are smaller. Just pick a stock and bet on it at bet365 sportsbook rising.

2. Currency Market Bets

This is a high volume game. You take your cash and swap it between currencies as their relative values change. Done with millions it can be quite the earner, with fewer funds less so. However, the principle is easily understood and it is quite accessible. Should you wish to know how to bet on economics this is perhaps the most basic step on the way. Remember, it won’t be online betting sites in the UK you’ll need for this, it’ll be your bank. They’ll be only too happy to help.

3. Futures & Derivatives

In order to earn vast sums from shouting on telephones traders like to make this sound arcane. It isn’t. Futures are something we’re all into whether we know it or not. It’s very hard to bet on the past. Bookies like Bet365 dislike wagers on things that have already occurred. So we are all betting on the future, whether it be the future price of a commodity or the future score in a Test match. That you can then hedge against that first bet going awry will surprise no one at all.

4. Fiscal Spread Betting

Numbers show you how to bet on economics
Betting on economics is a whole new world of gambling.

In a simplified world, this is the one stop shop for big picture betting. Essentially you are betting on the major indexes around the world either rising or falling. Typically this only changes to a great degree after the release of macro-economic numbers. Those seeking to know how to bet on economics might find this a very simple way of betting on the economic prosperity (or failure) they see around them. Just decide if things are getting better or worse and invest accordingly.

5. Going Short

Anyone in the UK gambling laws of averages see things even out in the end is wrong. Those checking out how to bet on economics will discover this quite quickly. Sometimes prices just plummet. That’s why one can bet against a stock as well as for it. This is called going short where you hope the price of the stock falls before you have to pay for it. It can be quite the profitable wager. Of course, if it goes wrong you’ll be stuck with a large bill and also worthless stock.

6. Betting On The International Situation

Be aware that, when learning how to bet on economics, no nation is an island, even if it’s an island. In a global economy, the knock-on effects can straddle borders easily. This means that there is no possible way to foresee what will occur next. It also means that one can bet on economies overseas but probably shouldn’t. You don’t want to be caught out with your funds tied up in a foreign market that has been suspended because of a coup, a natural disaster or riots.

7. Now It’s All Applicable

As easily as you can bet on sports in the UK you can now discover how to bet on economics. The number of apps increases every day allowing access to all varieties of wagers on the economy. From the micro-investments of Acorn to the large scale spread betting of SpreadEx there’s something for everyone. Just log in to bet365 Sportsbooks and check out the possibilities. The days of stuffy brokerage houses and ghastly elitist exclusion are over. The internet just opened it up to all of us. 

We take a look at how to bet on economics without necessarily spending any time trying to understand it.

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