How To Build A Floating Casino Out Of An Aircraft Carrier

Posted: July 9, 2020

Updated: July 9, 2020

Despite liberalizing US gambling laws and the advent of sites like Bovada, not everywhere in the world has such a forward-thinking attitudes. They still prohibit recreational gambling. To provide for these gaming-starved populations the solution is obvious, casinos floating in international waters. Purpose build vessels would be terribly expensive, but repurposing one could be fiscally viable. So, here’s our guide on how to build a floating casino…..out of an aircraft carrier.

A floating casino on the Mississipi – Image source: Bev Sykes from Davis, CA, USA / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

1. Observe The Legalities

Many nations dispute where International waters actually are. It is vitally important to be sure you are well outside anyone’s sphere of influence, and, if possible, missile range. There’s no point in finding out how to build a floating casino only to have it shot out from under you. So be sure your vessel has retained its navigation systems, early-warning sensors, and communications gear. Defense systems should probably be updated. Remember, just because you’re playing by the rules doesn’t mean everyone else will be.

2. Repaint And Redecorate

This is an absolutely vital consideration for those seeking how to build a floating casino of this variety. There will always be a temptation to simply opt for a “naval” theme. It would be easy to retain its grey color scheme. However, your carrier will definitely benefit from a lick of paint. Preferably in lurid color. This is so it stands out from all the other aircraft carriers you see around. The interior will also need extensive refurbishment. Think five-star hotel. With portholes. 

3. Flight Deck Operations

This will be one of the features that set your casino apart from the professionals on sites like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US today. Some of the deck will obviously be for guest-recreation. The rest, however, will remain quite operational. It will still function as a mobile airport. One of the benefits of learning how to build a floating casino from an aircraft carrier is the access is built-in. Guests can just fly in and out, albeit perhaps not in multirole jet fighters. 

4. Stabilization Systems Addition

Obviously comfort is not of primary concern in the navy. Your aircraft carrier might thus come with a few dents, some signs of wear and tear, but few creatures comfort. One thing it will almost certainly lack is a stabilization system, and you’ll need to fit one. This could be a sizable undertaking. It will also be expensive, but for anyone learning how to build a floating casino, a necessary one. Out on the rolling deep roulette can be awfully tricky on an unstabilized yacht. 

How To Build A Floating Casino
Imagine slots instead of the aircraft!

5. Below-Deck Facilities

Naturally, the refurbishment of the innards will be extensive. There will need to be gaming floors, and rooms for the guests, for a start. After that, those discovering how to build a floating casino should consider the bowling alley, gym, sauna, restaurants, cinema, theatre, and pool that should be added. Internet access throughout will also be vital so people can stay in touch with their online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. No one wants to go away to sea only to find their regular wagers have drowned. 

6. Lift To Infinity

Guests will take it for granted there’s a pool outside. So create one. No, no one is suggesting you dig a hole in your flight deck. You don’t need to. One of the best tricks for how to build a floating casino from an aircraft carrier is using the deck lifts. Typically open-sided you can easily turn these into variable depth infinity pools. Just add glass and water in a suitable measure. There is typically more than one of these, so use the other as a grand entrance. The planes can be parked on the foredeck. 

7. Skeet Shooting With A Phalanx System

If you’re lucky your carrier will come with its complement of Phalanx CIWS units. These will be handy for shooting down marauding aircraft, sea-skimming missiles, or tax inspectors. They may also be used for recreational purposes. Firing at 3,000rpm they make a dandy skeet shoot guns. Which of us that likes to bet on sports in the US wouldn’t want to try it? You’d need a lot of skeet, of course, but some of the chaff launchers aboard can probably be adapted to provide just that.

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We take a look at how to build a floating casino from any old aircraft carrier you have languishing at the back of a cupboard.

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