How to Play Bingo Chat Games Online – Best Tips


Posted: September 29, 2020

Updated: September 29, 2020

  • Have you ever heard about bingo chat games?
  • Learn how to play and check the best games at Bet365 Casino

If you are a fan of bingo, why don’t you try a new format for the game? For instance, chats can help you to get a new experience from playing a familiar game. Our guide will give you the best tips & tricks on how to play bingo chat games online.

Bingo is definitely one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It can be found both at casinos in China and online gambling sites in the UK, as the game has a lot of fans. Like other games, such popularity of bingo has led to the appearance of various game versions. They are excellent alternatives to a classic bingo as players can be fed up of playing the same game again and again. If you know how it feels like, check how to play bingo chat games.

What is a chat game in bingo?

Before learning how to play bingo chat games, let’s see what it is. Basically, chat games at bingo sites follow several games at once; besides the classic bingo game, one or more additional rounds are played in chat rooms. Their purpose is not only to multiply your winning chances but also to give more joy and help to socialize while playing online.

how to play bingo chat games
Let’s play!

There are several types of chat bingo games at online casinos in the UK. The most popular picks are the following:

  • Trivia Chat Games are similar to quizzes – you need to have basic knowledge in films, music, TV shows, and other entertainment forms;
  • Themed games are also very popular. Usually, they are based on a particular theme which can include movies, celebrity life, sports, etc.
  • Roomie games mean you will play in a pair or in a small team;
  • Other. Other chat bingo games may include puzzles, number games, even karaoke!

In a chat bingo game, chat moderators, a bingo caller, and roomies are involved. Roomiersare actually players who participate in draws; chat moderators operate the chat and maintain order. A bingo caller performs its common function – running bingo games.

How to play bingo chat games – rules explained

As you know what a bingo chat game is, let’s see where and how you can play it. The best site to try the game online is Bet365 Casino. It has many rooms and tournaments to join to have fun like never before. 

How to play bingo chat games at Bet365? It is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is to choose “Bingo” on the website and then look for chat games. Once you enter the necessary section, you will see the rules and terms of playing bingo in chat rooms. You can be credited with a maximum of £3 per day for any game and you also need to purchase a minimum of three tickets to play. To take part in tournaments, two tickets are enough to enter.

If you want to win more, check the list of the dual jackpot casino games where you can hit two jackpots at once.

You can discover more about Bet365 Casino here.

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