Dual Jackpot Casino Games And Where To Find Them


Posted: September 24, 2020

Updated: September 24, 2020

  • To win more than ever, play dual jackpot casino games
  • Five exclusive slots give away two jackpots at Bet365 Casino

Hitting the jackpot is undoubtedly among the best experiences you can get, but have you ever thought about winning two jackpots at once? Some online casinos give such an opportunity, so let’s see what dual jackpot casino games you can play right away. All the games are available exclusively at Bet365 Casino.

Playing casino games is not only entertaining but also profitable if you win money. If you are a frequent guest at online gambling sites in Italy, you might have noticed that most games have either fixed or progressive jackpot. Regardless of its type, there is always only one jackpot you can hit during the game session. Surely, winning is always good, but what about enhancing your chances to earn cash? If you look for more than a simple victory, check the list of the dual jackpot casino games and we will tell you where to find them.

Top-5 dual jackpot casino games to play online

What is a dual jackpot game in terms of online casinos? This is an opportunity to win more than once during one gaming session. For example, some double-win casino games can have one fixed jackpot to hit and one daily or weekly draw. Such a game will be considered a dual-jackpot game. 

Bet365 Casino has a special section called “Dual Drop Jackpot”. It is an exclusive casino feature that includes games with two winnings you can earn per one gaming session. This is how it works – you play one of the qualifying games listed below (mostly slots). Each entry gives a possibility to win each time the jackpot of the game reaches €100.000 AND every weekend when the weekly jackpot is drawn. Usually, the draw takes place every Sunday at 22:00 GMT, with one lucky player winning all the money!

Let’s see what are the best dual jackpot casino games to play online & win two times more than usual.

Berry Fury

Berry Fury is an exciting classic-themed slot that can help you to hit two jackpots within a day. The slot game was developed exclusively for Bet365 Casino, so you will not find it at other online gambling sites. So, this is the only opportunity to double your winnings and one shouldn’t miss it!

dual jackpot casino games
Ready to win?

In general, the Berry Fury slot is a classic representation of a fruit machine where you have to collect fruits and lucky charms to win. It is pretty good designed though, so even demanding gamblers can enjoy spinning the reels. It is easy to play for beginners too, so don’t hesitate to try even if it is your first time at an online casino. Maybe, Berry Fury is your win-win opportunity to succeed. 

The Dark Watchers

Another slot with great visuals and a possibility to double your winnings is The Dark Watchers. Based on a legend about a group of mysterious dark human-like creatures wandering among the Santa Lucia Mountains, the game is not only profitable but extremely exciting to play. If you like playing fantasy slots, you have to try this one!

The Dark Watchers slot is also among exclusive Bet365 dual jackpot casino games, but this isn’t it. While playing the game, you can also take part in the special quest that allows you to win 50.000 free spins! Such a triple bonus is something beyond expectations, isn’t it?

Shamrock Reels

Shamrock Reels is one of the best dual jackpot casino games. It features one of the most popular themes at online casinos in Italy – the Irish culture. Irish-themed slots are very popular among gamblers for a good reason. Its elements – leprechauns, clover, horseshoes, green leaves – are believed to be lucky charms and bring luck in gambling as well. This belief definitely applies to Shamrock Reels as the slot game offers two jackpots to win – one fixed and one weekly. Every Sunday, there is a special draw that doubles every player’s winning chances, so hurry up to spin the reels!

dual jackpot casino games
Let’s spin!

Super Mega Ultra Wheel

If you are not a big fan of slots, you can try your luck playing Super Mega Ultra Wheel. This exciting game of chance is not only a perfect opportunity to entertain yourself but also win two jackpots at once. Like its predecessors, Super Mega Ultra Wheel draws dual jackpots – fixed and weekly. All you have to do to win is to listen to your intuition and make the right bet. 

Untamed Bison

One of the best slot games to play & win the double jackpot is Untamed Bison. This safari-themed slot features great visuals and background that will take you on a jungle trip, where you can compete for dual prizes. The 6×4 slot game isn’t easy to win – as well as to tame a bison – but if you do, the reward will not disappoint. 

Like other games, Untamed Bison is an exclusive Bet365 offer. Check Bet365 Casino to find even more casino games to bring you cash.

You can discover more about Bet365 Casino here.

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