How to Play Lucky6: Rules, Odds and Draws Explained


Posted: April 19, 2021

Updated: April 19, 2021

  • Lucky6 is a popular online game of chance
  • Learn how to play Lucky6 for real money

Online gambling sites do not only offer various games to play but also follow the draws of popular TV games. For example, do you know how to play Lucky6 and where to learn the results? If not, check the rules of this exciting game and try your luck in the next draw!

Lucky6 is a popular lottery-like game of chance. It is a live TV game that sits between Lucky5 and Lucky7. As one of the most famous games at online gambling sites in Russia, Lucky6 has its draws scheduled every 5 minutes. In other words, playing this game can make you rich literally in a blink of an eye, so let’s see how to play Lucky6 and where to follow its draws.

How to play Lucky6?

As we have already mentioned, Lucky6 is based on lottery games, so it has similar rules and objectives. If you have played the lottery at least once in your life, it won’t be complicated to memorize the Lucky6 rules.

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In Lucky6, six balls are drawn out from a total of 60 balls. All balls are divided into three sections – A, B, and C – with 2 balls being taken by each section. Also, 30 balls are painted red and contain numbers 0-9. It means that there are three sets of red-colored balls numbered from 0 to 9. The other 30 balls are blue. Like the red ones, blue balls also contain numbers 0-9.

how to play Lucky6
Feeling lucky?

Betting & odds

Before you play Lucky6 either offline or at online casinos in Russia, you have to place a bet. As the new game starts every 5 minutes, you are free to bet on each game or try your luck just once. The amount of your bet varies depending on the game.

While betting on Lucky6, you predict which balls will drop into sections A, B, and C. Here are all the bets you can place while playing the game:

  • Colors bet
  • Numbers bet
  • Count bet
  • Odd/Even bet
  • Total Sum bet

Depending on the type of bet you make, the odds will vary from 1.01 to 90.00. Remember: the higher the odds are, the bigger jackpot you can win. However, playing at low odds reduces the risks of losses.

Follow Lucky6 draws at 1xBet

Now you know how to play Lucky6. If you decide to try your luck at this game, you can follow the draws at 1xBet Casino. The casino & sportsbook site follows all the Lucky6 draws, so you won’t miss yours. Also, you can place a bet on the outcome directly at 1xBet. 

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To follow the Lucky6 draws, sign up for 1xBet, proceed to the Live section, and find the game on the list.  Apart from this gambling site, you can also find Lucky6 at 22Bet Casino.

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