How to Play Slot Machines Like a Smart Person

  • In this article, we will learn how to play slot machines like a smart person
  • Such schemes and programs are often quite simple
  • Develop your skills and increase your chances of winning!
how to play slot machines like a smart person
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If you have ever thought about how to win at slot machines, you should understand one rule that always works. Indeed, the best move towards this goal is to choose slot machines where the percentage of return and the size of the available bet are the most significant. However, it is worth it because not everyone can afford to fork out like that. And, besides, such a risk will not always be rewarded. But still, this is not a hindrance to the fact that new theories and strategies are constantly being created, and many clients of gambling houses sincerely believe in their effectiveness. Such schemes and programs are often quite simple and uncomplicated. In this article, we will learn how to play slot machines like a smart person.

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Slot strategies: Do modern players need them?

First, we present to your attention a small list of recommendations for fans of slot machines. It will help you to properly tune in to the splicing of the reels and save you from losing in online casinos in the USA. Thus, for the session on slots to be successful, follow the seven rules:

  • Forget about buying reliable winning strategies with real money – they simply do not exist.
  • Before the start of the game, set limits on the size of the allowable loss and the period devoted to the game process that would be adequate concerning your savings and strictly follow them.
  • Besides, don’t bet your last money.
  • Check out the payout summaries of the selected machine, or even better, test its trial version.
  • Also, do not cut from the shoulder. However, think carefully about each of your actions.
  • Think of slot machines as a form of entertainment rather than a main source of income.
  • Finally, try to improve your gaming skills, and be sure to get the favor of fortune as a reward.

We will not ardently convince you of what we cannot guarantee in fact: none of the betting systems presented below can provide you with 100% confidence in winning. However, thanks to these strategies, you will be able to play the game systematically, skillfully manage your funds, and give the whole process some meaning and fascination. Learn more about Why to Trust Modern Slot Machines.

How to play slot machines like a smart person: Up the stairs

It is based on a very simple principle to understand, a bit like a progressive system for winning in a game like roulette. You should start with such an action as choosing a bet at first of a small size. And it will be your smallest limit in this regard. Thus, you will not wager less significant amounts. If no winnings follow the first spin, in no case do not reduce the size of the bet. However, if everything is exactly the opposite, you should double it. The whole gameplay, according to the principle of this system, follows a certain order. In case of victory, you must double the investment. 

Nevertheless, if you are defeated, take the opposite action. And, of course, you must set the upper limit, which is determined by the system, or by yourself. When we talk about winning, after which we raise the bet, we mean the number of funds that will be at least twice the bet itself. For example, in the case when your winnings are 15 for a bet of 10 dollars, you do not need to invest 20 dollars for the next spin. The above system can be called a soft cushion for your money because more significant bets are made solely at the expense of winnings. To learn more about the Up the Stairs slot strategy, practice it in the Everygame Casino.

How to play slot machines like a smart person: Up the stairs

“Play and Run” strategy

The name of this principle speaks for itself: if expectations from a certain slot machine have not been met, you need to choose another one from the gaming machines. This system involves dampening your anticipation throughout the gameplay and trying to find better options. We will not express our personal opinion on this matter. However, we will simply tell you about the main provisions of the Play and Run principle. You have the right to choose in favor of it, or another system. To understand the essence of these strategic moves, it is necessary to know such terms as:

  • “Loss Limit” (The limit of the maximum value of the allowable loss set by you on the initial machine).
  • “Empty Spin” (Empty rotation – drum spins without providing winnings).

Before you start the game, decide how many slot machines and empty spins, after which you will choose a different device. Besides, look at the allowable amount of funds that you will not be sorry to lose. Such a setting is very well suited for not very wealthy players, and a small bet size is mandatory during the game. Also, do not soar in the clouds, be rational. If you limit yourself in spending money, skip those slot machines that have high smallest bets. 

This system is not classified as progressive, and therefore it does not include an increase or decrease in the amounts wagered throughout the process. The bet size does not change. And, in no case, do not forget about your boundaries, and when one of them, or both, is reached, then it’s time to change the slot. However, be sure to complete this session, that is, cash out your winnings and start a new round. 

How to play slot machines like a smart person: Blank back strategy

This principle is somewhat similar to the previous one. However, it implies setting only one limit – the number of rounds for which no winnings will be received. The main goal is to leave the game on the “unlucky” slot machine. Indeed, this system can be safely called simple, and it does not betray the advantage of the players. However, it is well suited to any management of funds and will bring order to the gameplay. Experienced players in this business say that the most optimal limit of empty spins is the range of 7 – 15. If there are fewer of them, then you will have to move to other machines too quickly. If more, then the probability of losing a significant amount increases. 

The dimensions of the delivered, following this system, are unchanged. The best option for conducting the gaming process will be a network gambling establishment because in traditional casinos you will quickly get tired of running around. Thus, choose only prestigious gambling houses with a decent rating. Once again, following the system, you will not be sure of a 100% win. However, you will be able to control your funds and behave like a disciplined player. This principle is often recommended to fans of “no brakes” excitement, as it will make you leave the game on time without losing all your money. Learn more about How To Play Slot Machines before visiting online gambling sites in the USA.

how to play slot machines like a smart person

“One game” strategy

According to this principle, the player must decide on the specific desired machine and place the maximum bet already on the first spin. If you are lucky and you win, you can continue playing in this slot by winning or leaving with money. The choice is in your hands. However, keep in mind that it is unacceptable to play the game on the same machine at your own expense. If you have lost the invested money, then you should switch to another device. And when the starting rotation did not give a profit, we changed the slot machine again. This strategy is great for visitors who have a “healthy” bankroll. It is quite difficult to determine what this system was developed based on. 

Nevertheless, we have a hunch that this is due to the belief that gambling houses program the initial spin to win. Thus, the player clings to a specific slot with a stranglehold. And if we are right, then the principle of “One game” will help someone get rich. But still, the unresolved question remains whether it is safe to adhere to it. Here we will answer this way: any gambling entertainment is a kind of risk, so you need to control yourself well and force yourself to leave the game at the right time. It is also worth noting that all of the above strategies can be used in combination. After all, they seek to prevent an imminent defeat and provide maximum positive emotions. This is how to play slot machines like a smart person.

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