How To Play Virtual Football Online and Bet On It – An Ultimate Guide

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play virtual football online

If you are a football fan and enjoy betting on various competitions, it is time to take your experience to the next level. Try to play virtual football online and benefit from various wagering options. We are going to tell you where and how to play virtual sports.

Sports betting has reached the next level as live competitions are not always available for watching. In the pre-season period, there are very limited football bets at sportsbook sites and they are not too exciting to watch, but the virtual sport is always there to make things better. Let’s see how to play virtual football online and how to bet on it.

What is a virtual sports betting?

Firstly, we should explain what virtual football (or any other kind of sport) is. At online gambling sites in Iceland, virtual football is simulated football made exclusively for betting purposes. Its games are much shorter versions of real football matches. They somehow remind about FIFA games, but here winners and players’ actions are determined by the computer, not real people.

Betting on virtual football is similar to playing casino games online – you just sit down and look for poker or slot machine simulators. The same applies to football; punters choose the game they want to follow and make bets on the result, individual players, etc. At the same time, they follow the broadcast of the match and see the odds below like in the real football betting.

Why play virtual football online?

Betting on simulated football games has many advantages. Firstly and mainly, they are available 24/7, so there is no need to wait. Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative to real football matches in pre-seasons, when no leagues are on. Surely, virtual football can’t replace the emotions you get from the real game but is still better than nothing.

In addition, betting on virtual football at online sportsbooks in Iceland is safer and more profitable than on real games. Primarily, you can earn more cash thanks to the limited time of the game and no chance of bias. While a bad referee can destroy all your predictions in real life, simulated football leaves no chance of unfair winning or losing.

play virtual football online
You can easily find the beauty of virtual sports once you try them

Playing simulated football is also a great opportunity for newcomers to get familiar with big sports. Basically, no knowledge of football rules is needed to play virtual football online. All you have to do is choose a bet from the list and follow the video. You can choose various leagues to follow – from the Champions League to the World Cup.

Play virtual football online & bet on it at Betsafe

One of the best sites to bet on virtual football is the Betsafe Sportsbook. The sportsbook offers plenty of betting options on several football leagues – of course, under the best conditions. All games have good visuals and are available any time you want to bet on them. You can follow at least ten “matches” including the World Championship and several domestic leagues.

Apart from football, Betsafe offers virtual tennis, basketball, dogs, and horse racing, as well as cycling. Every sports fan can find the competition to bet on during the pre-season period or just every time he misses sports.

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