How To Vote For Kanye West And Live With Yourself Afterwards

Posted: July 24, 2020

Updated: July 24, 2020

Just when you’d bet on US politics having reaching a nadir, it takes aim at another one. US electoral laws mean Kanye West may, or may not, be on the ballot in your area. That’s why he’s currently only 100/1 to become President at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. However, the practicalities aside, the more difficult bit will be justifying voting for him in the first place. So, if you want to know how to vote for Kanye West, here’s the justifications you’ll need to do so. 

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1. Celebrity Is All The Qualification He Needs Now

If you’re wondering how to vote for Kanye West you’ll first need to understand he doesn’t need any experience. His celebrity is all he requires. Donald Trump proved that even the most unsuitable people can grow up to be President if enough people know their name. That he has no actual political or leadership experience simply doesn’t matter in this new post-truth age we live in. The world long since gave itself over to style over substance. West running is just a symptom of that.  

2. He’s On A Mission From God

Like Jake and Elwood Blues before him, Kanye is on a mission from god. Those seeking how to vote for Kanye West should see this for the blessing it is. Claiming to be worth $5bn Kanye said he was worth more than that through Christ. With god on his side, how can he lose? A bet on Kanye West at Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US, would seem obvious. As would voting for him. God, after all, has a habit of moving in mysterious ways. This would fit that bill.

3. Abortion To Be Abolished By Million Dollar Moms

Proving, perhaps, that a stopped clock is right twice a day, Kanye has said at least one sensible thing. At his campaign launch, he said new mothers ought to be given $1m to cut down on abortions. If you were pondering how to vote for Kanye West this is your big out. No one in their right mind would disagree with this very elegant solution to a thorny issue. Least of all mothers. Precisely where the US would get the money, of course, is something Mr West didn’t mention.

4. He Dislikes His Mother-In-Law As You Do Yours

His tirades against his mother-in-law are almost endearing. Accusing her of “white supremacy” and being “Kris Jong-un” his relationship with his in-laws seems achingly ordinary. He doesn’t approve of her decision making, she thinks he’s insane. They could well both be right. Those exploring how to vote for Kanye West and justify it can use this. He is manifestly and obviously a man of the people, no different from any of us who regularly bet on sports in the US at Bovada.

5. Kim Would Be A Better 1st Lady Than Melania

Despite attempting to divorce Kanye, the very thought of Kim Kardashian vs Melania Trump is mouthwatering. It would be like a panther fighting a meerkat. Kim might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect wife and mother, but she’d make a great first lady. Her presence and poise would be a credit to the United States. So, those checking how to vote for Kanye West can use her as a justification for him. The idea she’d still divorce him if he became President is, of course, laughable.

How To Vote For Kanye West
The next first lady? – Image source: Flickr

6. Two Presidents For The Price Of One

A lot of people will question how to vote for Kanye West when he obviously suffers from a mental illness. His bipolar condition is famous and often rises to the surface. Some will see this as precluding him from office, however, it could just be a way to get two presidents for the price of one. The demagoguery of recent years would vanish under a president who always saw both sides of the issue. 

7. Geographically, The Whole World Is Bi-Polar

Those who’ll bet on the US Presidential election will possibly then eschew Kanye as an option. Why take advantage of US gambling laws to bet on Kanye West? If you can’t see how to vote for him why would you back him at Bovada? This is all very well, but do remember we live on a bipolar planet. This means Kanye could be just what America needs to regain its proper place in the world. This could be the only justification for anyone looking into how to vote for Kanye West needs. 

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We look into how to vote for Kanye West and the justifications you’ll need to explain yourself afterward. 

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