How To Win The Indy 500 In 2021 On Your Third Attempt

Posted: August 28, 2020

Updated: August 28, 2020

The two-time F1 champion failed to win the last jewel he needs to complete the motorsport triple-crown. He will return to F1 next year, and probably the Indy 500 too. Doubtless hoping the old adage about “third time lucky” is true. If it is, he’ll be a great bet on sports in the US on Bovada for the 2021 race. However, in case mere numerology isn’t enough, we present some tips on how to win the Indy 500, to help Fernando Alonso achieve the dream he’s still chasing.

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1. Have The Best Car

This is an obvious inclusion on our list of tips on how to win the Indy 500. You can always bet on motorsport in the US and everywhere else to be a bit tech-heavy. Good drivers are ten a penny, good cars are far, far more expensive. The odds on the 2021 Indy 500 will mostly be decided by the backroom boffins and designers. The person in the cockpit is far less of consideration since at this level most drivers have the skills to win. The mechanical reliability, however, is more mercurial.

2. Drive Faster Than Everyone Else

All those seeking to discover how to win the Indy 500 can drive fast. Driving faster once at this level, however, is about consistency. Stringing together lap after perfect lap is not as easy as it sounds. It requires focus that few can manage and a car that can keep up. Anyone in the US gambling laws of physics can’t be bent needs to watch a driver in the zone. At the peak of their powers, they are all but glued to the racing line consistently and repeatedly getting the lap times down.

3. Hope For A Serious Accident

This is a little gauche but needs must as the devil drives. A serious accident could be very beneficial if it takes out those ahead of you. This might not be the nicest way to learn how to win the Indy 500, but it can be the most effective. Just remember to dodge the spinning metallic carnage as you stream into a better position. The odds on Fernando Alonso resorting to this are very slim. It’s not really his style. However, it is still a factor drivers need at least momentarily consider.

4.Cause A Serious Accident

This is more difficult but far more Alonso’s style. In the heat of the moment and chasing his dream, Alonso can be quite mercenary. His return to F1 will doubtless see his Renault in some close battles mid-field. You can bet on Fernando Alonso in the 2021 Indy 500 to be all elbows. Unfortunately, this does nothing to improve his odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada. Winning races rarely actually involves barging other cars off the racing line when it suits you.

How To Win The Indy 500
Indy 500 is more than a regular challenge

5. Sabotage Your Opponent’s Pit Crew

Until recently a decent dose of food poisoning was the obvious method. Render the pit crew at less than optimal health and take advantage. Simple enough. However these days there are more options. Indeed they need not actually be sick for the implication that they are to completely scupper their participation. Beyond that those working out how to win the Indy 500 can always resort to sabotage. Their complex technical and electrical systems are ever more vulnerable.

6. Hack The Timing System

The modern world gives us all easy access to online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, but it has another edge. As well as making our lives easier it makes it far easier for hackers to disrupt them. Hacking either the timing system or your opponents is now a possibility. Anyone attempting to figure out how to win the Indy 500 should consider this. If they don’t someone else will. Oh, and since this might not be something you can do yourself, hire techno-professionals. 

7. Be Very, Very Lucky

On a list of tips on how to win the Indy 500, this was obviously going to feature. There really is no substitute for being lucky. Lucky with the car, with the field, with your position. You have to have a lucky pit stop, a lucky break in the mid-section, a lucky sprint to the line. It all has to go your way. Takuma Sato was this lucky twice in a row now, and you can bet on Sato in the 2021 Indy 500 hoping for a third win. Doesn’t mean Alonso won’t win though, because he’ll keep trying till he does. 

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We offer up some tips on how to win the Indy 500 to help Fernando Alonso in 2021.

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