How Would You React To Hitting The Winning Lottery Numbers?

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Winning Lottery Numbers
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So, you pick the winning lottery numbers on any of the numerous progressive jackpot lotteries you can access at Lotto Agent. You’re a big winner. Great. But just what does that mean for you going forward? Will your stroke of luck make you happy or just lead you astray? Many lottery winners are obviously far more comfortable, but others much less so. Your lottery win, it appears, could very well end up a double-edged sword. So, shall we take a look at some recent reactions?

So many people dream of selecting the winning lottery numbers there’s probably a queue. People enjoy the idea of becoming one of the rich. Typically, they preface that with the word “idle” believing the rich do very little. In many cases that is correct. In others, however, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Partly this is because idling for long periods of time is very dull. However, mostly this is because people are very unpredictable and so are their reactions to sudden riches.

Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews don’t tell you what to do after you pick the winning lottery numbers. They’ll happily point you towards which games are best at Lotto Agent etc, but how to spend your money? Not a chance. Naturally, the first thing many people do is settle their debts, buy a new car, go on holiday. The usual stuff. However long term the “life changing win” can have unwelcome side effects. These can range from mild internet fame to a prison sentence. 

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Andrew Clark achieved a modicum of internet fame when his reaction to finding out he’d hit the winning lottery numbers went viral. Someone released his nonplussed, blasé, entirely English reaction to scooping $106m on TikTok. He will now, regardless of his new-found wealth, be associated with that video forever. A small price to pay, perhaps. But not everyone is so relaxed. Just ask Emma Brown whose boyfriend is on trial after trying to kill her following a $76m win. 

“So just a little bit then.”

  • Andrew Clark on hearing he was a $106m lottery winner

She probably didn’t expect getting the winning lottery numbers would lead to someone trying to kill her. It’s possibly the last thing on your mind as you eye your winnings. However, it does point to the fact you now have something other people want. Of course, many winners share their good fortune with others. The best lottery jackpot winners tend to. Christi Davis, a retired marine, used her win to help her local community. So, it’s not all doom, gloom, and internet memes.

Winning Lottery Numbers
Good luck!

Marine Hits Winning Lottery Numbers And Pays Forward

People wouldn’t deny that latching onto the winning lottery numbers is, by and large, a good thing. Whether you choose to help others with it is, of course, neither here nor there. That is, after all, just another way of swapping money for pleasure. If you buy a sports car you’re contributing to the wages of the designers and engineers who built it. Perhaps giving to charity provides you with as much pleasure as speeding in a Ferrari. Who can say? We are all quite different beings.

“We want to pay it forward to some people and some organizations around town.”

  • Christi Davis – Lottery winner 

So, as you sketch out in your mind a vision of a future beyond your inevitable selection of the winning lottery numbers, beware. You may have found the best lottery to play at Lotto Agent but that doesn’t mean it’s all sorted out. There are still some tough moments ahead. Even if that’s just choosing where to have lunch now you can eat anywhere. Oh and the Alzheimer’s Association in Guernsey has launched a car lottery to help raise funds. So don’t forget about it.

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We take a look at how hitting the winning lottery numbers may end all your troubles and present you with a few new ones.

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