Initial Ticket Lottery Winners May Lose Out In Tokyo

  • Olympic Organizers Provide 840,000 Refunds So Far
  • Lotto Agent Can Help You Get Your Winning Ticket 
  • 910,000 Ticket Holders Lose Out Due To New Limits
Ticket Lottery Winners

Hosts always find organizing an Olympics far more difficult than everyone else made it look. Japan, however, perhaps has a good excuse for what appears, from a distance, uncharacteristic chaos. Of course, they face circumstances no one envisioned. They’re finding even the simple things have gone awry. Taking a leaf from Lotto Agent attendees were originally to comprise of ticket lottery winners. Unfortunate it transpires that wasn’t the best lottery to play and still isn’t.

Typically around now we should all be laughing at the accommodation, the silly mascots, and the unfinished stadiums. However, the Japanese have not had the easiest nor most normal Olympic run in period. Most hosts would have liked an extra year to prepare. Japan hasn’t found it helpful. The reasons for this are entirely obvious. They’ve had a lot on their plate. However, with the IOC’s determination overriding common sense at least the ticket lottery winners will get to attend, right?

Well no, not necessarily. Ticket lottery winners face similar issues to the ones afflicting the Olympics in Japan. Many in the country think they ought to cancel the games. They believe this is the wrong time under the wrong circumstances. Popular opinion is very much against it going ahead. However, it transpires Japan doesn’t have the right to cancel. Only the IOC can do that. Even the best lotto jackpot reviews would term that criminal, if Lotto Agent would let them.

IOC Bulldozers Japanese Host’s Wishes  

Now, the IOC won’t cancel the games regardless of circumstance. They’d lose $2bn if they did, and you can’t embezzle funds you don’t have anymore. So, despite the objections of the hosts the IOC will march on with no care for any knock-on effects. Naturally, the IOC know how this looks, and they don’t like it. So, to try and normalize things they’re allowing a limited number of spectators. Which sounds like good news for ticket lottery winners, but actually probably isn’t.

“The question is not whether, the question is how these Olympic Games will take place.”

  • Thomas Bach – President of the International Olympic Committee

Organizers, copying numerous progressive jackpot lotteries, originally held a draw to see who got the seats. Then they had to delay the games. Well, that’s okay, people with valid tickets could go, simply a year later. Fine. Then they banned spectators. Oops. Which means all the ticket lottery winners needed refunds. They thus began that lengthy process, with them handing out around 840,000 refunds so far – from 4,480,000 sales. Alright, not good, but they’re handling it. Or at least they were.   

Ticket Lottery Winners
Can’t wait for the show – Image source: Flickr

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The IOC introducing new ‘limited attendance’ means some people can go, and some people can’t. They’ve said that 2.72m can spectate. Total. So that means, with the 840,000 refunded, another 910,000 have tickets but won’t get to go. So how do you decide which ticket lottery winners get to go to the Tokyo games? You hold a lottery. Obviously. Now in theory this is a fair and equitable approach, but in 2021? They could just find themselves begging for more troubles.

“We may need to consider the option of having no spectators in the venues.” 

  • Yuriko Koike – Governor of Tokyo 

No one is sure if circumstance will allow spectators to attend in a month’s time. No one is sure of anything. Lotto Agent would never sell tickets to one of the best lottery jackpots in sports if there’s no guarantee a prize exists in the first place. Tokyo’s Olympic organizers find themselves doing just that. Classic. Ticket lottery winners thus face another lottery to see if their first lottery win was a real win or not. Paris? Los Angeles? Are you watching? Are you? You better be…. 

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We take a look at how Olympic ticket lottery winners might not have won at all, or may have to win again to actually win.

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