Inter Miami Manager Predictions: It’s not Zidane

  • Zidane is the bookies’ favourite, but he’s not likely to take the job
  • Vieira and Wenger are the superior options for betting
Inter Miami Manager Predictions
Why not Zidane?

Bookmakers argue that Zinedine Zidane is the favorite to become the manager of Inter Miami. However, we believe he has better clubs to go. Meanwhile, former Arsenal legends, like Vieira and Wenger are more likely to take the job. Here are our Inter Miami manager predictions and best bets for you.

David Beckham’s famous club, Inter Miami has been born, and they’ll start their first MLS season in 2020. Becksy’s intentions are to build a soccer giant in the USA – a club, where the world’s bests are playing.  

“We want to create the biggest club in the USA and so that means attracting some of the biggest players.” – David Beckham

While rumors are emerging about players to be signed for the new American club, the first step is to get a great manager to attract international stars. Our latest review about BetVictor Sportsbook shows that this sportsbook site mostly gets their odds right. We used their book to summarize our Inter Miami manager predictions for you.

New Inter Miami Manager
# Manager Odds
1. Zinedine Zidane 3
2. Patrick Vieira 7
3. Arsene Wenger 9
4. Thierry Henry 34
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Zidane has better options than Miami

Though online sportsbook sites in the United States believe that Zinedine Zidane is the favorite to become the manager of Inter Miami, we’re not so sure about that. David Beckham is reportedly chasing the Frenchman, but we just can’t see Zidane to even bother with the offer.

The Real Madrid legend has won the Champions League 3 times. He’s in still in the beginning of his coaching career. He probably has a bunch of better offers from top European clubs, including his former team Juventus. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to jump on the bandwagon and bet on Zidane to manage Beckham’s club. It’s not going to happen.

Zinedine Zidane

Vieira could be the most realistic target

Patrick VieiraVieira is the second choice of BetVictor Sportsbook at the moment, and we can agree with that. He was a manager at New York City FC for two and a half years. He knows the environment of the MLS, and he used to be a top player. The latter is surely an important factor marketing-vise for Beckham.

Now he’s managing Nice. The club used to be a top 4 side for two years, but last year they’ve only finished 7th. The board expects improvements from Vieira, but their performance hasn’t been consistent enough. If the French legend and Nice part ways in the summer, Vieira could be the most realistic target for Inter Miami.

Wenger is keen and still available

Former Arsenal-manager, Arsene Wenger is also a realistic candidate for Beckham and his club. Wenger has won the FA Cup 7 times and the Premier League 3 times, which makes him one of the most successful managers of the club’s history. In 2003-2004 they’ve managed to win the league without suffering any defeats. None of the English clubs managed to do that ever since.

However, in the last few years they couldn’t reach any success in the league. They couldn’t qualify for the Champions League and Wenger had to leave. A few months ago he said that he’s going to manage a club from January 2019, but that didn’t happen. We believe he could be a great option for Inter Miami, a candidate they should definitely consider.

Thierry Henry deserves another chance

As we’re going through our Inter Miami manager predictions, we believe Thierry Henry’s name has to be mentioned. BetVictor Sportsbook doesn’t really believe in Henry’s appointment, but it’s actually very reasonable. He used to be one of the best forwards in the world, his name still has a huge marketing value. Thierry Henry

After being the assistant coach of Belgium, Henry was appointed as Monaco manager, but he was released after only 104 days. He wants to continue his managerial career, and he deserves to try his luck with a team that’s in a good shape, where he can express his attacking philosophies. That team definitely could be Inter Miami.

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