Internal Gambling Blow Up! The Yomiuri Giants Scandal That has Execs Quitting and Players Crying!


Posted: March 16, 2016

Updated: March 16, 2016

Yeah, apparently cheating in some way is a trend. Just a few days after the fourth Giants pitcher, Kyosuke Takagi, admitted to betting on baseball, the house of cards fell down within the infrastructure of the ever so popular baseball team. The Yomiuri Giants Scandal is a big one and it is here for a good while.

Takagi, who originally said he wasn’t even remotely involved, appears to have had a guilty conscience and desperately needed to come clean. His cronies, four other pitchers, have been suspended indefinitely but not charged for rigging games or betting on games per se, but judging by the outcry they have definitely been charged and convicted by public opinion. The Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihida Suga who spoke this week in a press conference, appeared torn up and expressed his disdain and disappointment in these former national heroes.

Execs Can’t Stand the Heat or at Least Losing Face. Scandal Makes Them Step Down

And if it could get any worse… Not only did the pitchers rig games and bet on them but the execs also took part or supported it. Kojiro Shiraishi, the owner of Yoshihida himself, is stepping down. Alongside him are chairman Tsunekazu Momoi and supreme adviser Tsuneo Watanabe and lastly team prez, Hiroshi Kubo is suspended.

The Hunt Still On. Nippon Professional Baseball Will Do a Spring Cleaning

The scandal has left many a spectator as well as the Prime Minister himself wary of the legitimacy of the baseball teams. The NPB has full intentions to uncover ALL players who are involved in any type of baseball betting or game riggings throughout ALL teams, not just the Giants.

To bet on sports in general is totally fine, it is when you do it within your own team that it really isn’t alright, in fact you fool everyone. Most especially your fans who adore, pay and watch you. This isn’t like betting with online sportsbooks in Japan, which is also very very popular, fair AND legal, but this internal betting is a more personal offence for quite a large number of fans who look up to the sportsmen as their idols.

This doesn’t look like a great near future for Japanese baseball. Keep a look out for the next gambling news covering the Yomiuri Giants scandal. Surely this isn’t the last bit. This is only the beginning. But, cleaning up this mess and making Japanese Baseball shine like it idd before seems to be top priority.

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