Sports Bet Kenya Can Be a Problem for Gamblers in the Country


Posted: March 15, 2016

Updated: March 15, 2016

Bet Kenya gambling problem is big

  • 2% of adult population has gambling issue
  • Unemployment is 40%
  • Poverty is still a problem

Unemployment and poverty is very high in Kenya, while there are more and more problem

gamblers in the country. The bet Kenya issue has to be taken seriously.

Kenya is a country with a rapidly growing economy but it is still closely associated with poverty

and social problems in East Africa. The unemployment rate is extremely high at 40%, so there

are a lot of people in danger of social threats just like gambling problems related to sports bet


More and more online sportsbooks in Kenya are licensed, which is a good thing for the

economy of the country, good for casual bettors and those punters who visit the country as

tourists. However it is also a risk for those stricken by poverty. According to reports, 2% of the

adult population has a gambling problem regarding bet Kenya and that is huge.

Soccer bet Kenya becoming an issue

A report by the Kenya National Council found that the bet Kenya problem is at a very concerning

level. It suggested that almost 2% percent of the adults follow pathological betting patterns. This

means that they are into bet Kenya on an unhealthy level, they need to bet more and more

regularly, they want to quit but they can’t, and just lose control over their land-based and

internet betting activities.

And the number of problem gamblers in Kenya keeps growing continuously. This is a high risk

for the society as betting problems can ruin lives, families can lead to legal troubles, alcoholism

and suicide. But the solution is not banning gambling in Kenya. It has to be controlled and those

with gambling problems have to be treated, just like as the case is with any other addiction. If you

or a person close to you has a betting problem, treatment is vital, as the addiction can easily ruin


How do you know that you have a bet Kenya gambling problem?

The symptoms of a gambling problem are very easy to identify. Betting addicts always want to

quit, especially after big money losses, but they can’t. Gambling just draws them back. This isn’t

necessarily a problem itself, as long as you can afford to lose money. But when you gamble your

family money away, or the money you wanted to use for something else important, you even

have to borrow some money to be able to wager, you have a problem.

Betting is not having fun for problem gamblers. Normally, bet Kenya should be a recreational

activity, a way to spice up watching sports, especially football. However, problem gamblers are

not entertaining themselves by betting. They usually try to get away from other problems by

getting into wagering.

Those with a bet Kenya problem bet more and more money to recover their losses and also

because they want to place bigger and bigger wagers – they just have to and they can’t limit

themselves. They also do this when they lost all of their bankroll. Not having money is not a

barrier for them, and this is one of the biggest risks of problem gambling. Betting addicts will get

money somehow and this somehow virtually always means some form of crime.

For those with a bet Kenya problem, sports betting is more important than anything else in life. It

can affect work, family time, everything. It seems like gambling in Kenya means the

world for them. People with this kind of problem, and most likely their environment, will also

suffer from radical emotional reactions, not always obviously connected to betting.

The bet Kenya gambling problem is something that has to be taken seriously. So, if you are aware

that you have a problem and you want to quit, please, read the following guide!

What do I have to do if I have a bet Kenya gambling problem?

The first step with treating every addiction is that you have to admit that you have a problem,

which I suppose you already did, if you are determined to read this. Afterwards you have to reach

out for support. Addiction is always too big a problem for anyone to tackle it alone. You can

speak to a family member or a friend at first, and it is also recommended to go to gambling

problem groups.

You also have to avoid any temptation. Just abandon anything that is connected to gambling and

ask your close relatives to keep an eye on your resources. You also have to find an interesting

hobby, an activity that can replace betting, that is exciting enough to fill the void left by


You will also need professional help. Without professional treatment, the process is far less

effective and useful medication is also available. You should also note that people with gambling

problems usually also have other psychiatric conditions that need to be treated. This step can turn

your life around and solve your other problems too.

So, if you think that you have a gambling problem, don’t hesitate to ask for help! However if you

can control your wagering and betting is still fun for you, keep on playing casually and don’t let

betting taking over your life!

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