Is A Bet On Weather Conditions As Crazy As All That?

Bet on the UK weather

These days a bet on weather conditions in the UK appears quite the waste. Bet365 and it’s ilk offer up a whole host of opportunities for less random result betting, why would you wager on what is often described as an ‘act of god’? We take a look at how this tradition probably got started and why it’s position alongside betting on the winner of the next series of The Voice probably isn’t fair.

The origins of gambling probably stretch all the way back to the days of the village shaman making impressive predictions of the future and some of the less ardently spiritual among his audience risking a little of what they had on whether the old lunatic was going to turn out to be right or not. These would be the same sort who’d bet on weather conditions to come among themselves, the weather being of vital importance to survival in any early agrarian society, especially around spring or autumn.

Bet On The Weather

• Will it be a White Christmas?
• Snow at Halloween?
• Brit GP rained off?
• Wimbledon showers?

It takes little to imagine these early farmers vying to demonstrate more experience, more knowledge, than the others by more accurately predicting when best to plant seed, when spring will arrive, or just how long to leave it before they harvest their crops. A bet on weather conditions then was perhaps not as disposable as it seems today when we wager on a white Christmas, or whether Wimbledon will get rained off at Bet365 , for them the weather was an all powerful thing, a bet on it no small matter.

Would You Risk Your Life On A Bet On Weather Conditions In The UK?

It is quite hard to equate, in these days of the internet and global thermo-nuclear war, to find an adequate comparison. We have bent so much of the planet to our will that the weather no longer holds the keys to survival in the manner it once did. Small villages might constantly be staking survival with a bet on weather conditions sustaining their crops, but a globalized world is not. Freak disasters like tornado, tsunami, blizzard or heat wave might be locally devastating but assistance can be provided from elsewhere.

Perhaps the only way to understand the magnitude of a bet on weather conditions in these early societies would be to say it is the same as you having to gamble when you open your front door tomorrow that there will be oxygen outside. UK gambling laws might seem strange to allow these novelty wagers at online casinos in the UK but they’re probably following in traditions dating back as long as man has stalked this green and pleasant land, some of who probably paid a heavy price for losing.

Bet365 Operates Whatever The Weather In The UK Throws At It

It is thus quite a shame that a bet on weather conditions in the UK and elsewhere has been deemed equatable with other novelty wagers. It seems sad that it is compared with who will win the X-Factor or Big Brother, what gender the next Royal Birth will be or who might edit Vogue in due course. Naturally those that like to bet on sports in UK at online casinos in the UK will quickly point out that it can’t be considered on a par with their particular choice of wagering pleasure, and I’d agree, it can’t. It’s more important than sport.

To place a bet on weather conditions in some parts of the world might be pointless, California or Zimbabwe, the Arctic or Everest all spring to mind, but it’s online casinos in the UK like Bet365 that are offering these odds, and in the UK the weather is not some set piece part of a steady climate but an ever changing chaotic mess just perfect for a little flutter. Sure, it may no longer be life and death, but with the UK’s weather it is still every bit as unpredictable as what the loony shaman is going to say next and therefore every bit as much fun.

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