Is Alexis Sanchez Leaving Arsenal Tonight? Check Out The Odds!

Alexis Sanchez New Club

Arsenal’s Chilean forward has been rumoured to be wanting to move away from the Gunners, but still nothing happened…

Online sportsbook news sites in the UK are extremely excited about one thing> is Alexis Sanchez leaving Arsenal this season? The Chilean winger has been trying to force a move away from London (or from Arsenal, at the very least), but he’s still with Arsene Wenge’s men. And the transfer window for English clubs closes at midnight…

Is Alexis Sanchez leaving Arsenal tonight or is he set to stay? Will he renew his contract with the Gunners if he stays, or is he trying to gather as much signature profit as possible by becoming a free transfer for the next summer transfer window? Check out the odds for Alexis Sanchez’s new club and place your bets now!

Arsenal fans hope for Sanchez to stay…

Arsenal have lived better days. According to the online sportsbook directory, they are not the biggest favourites in any trophies that they are fighting for, and they haven’t had a real chance to win Premier League for ages. Wenger’s time is running out and he is clearly incapable of renewing his team.

And within such a situation, it’s obvious that Arsenal fans would like to keep one of their best players in the squad. Just like the young guy in the video above. Online sportsbooks also think it’s possible for Alexis to stay at Arsenal: the odds for this to happen are 3.00 (2/1) at Unibet Sportsbook.

Is Alexis Sanchez leaving Arsenal tonight?

However, it is more likely to say that Alexis Sanchez won’t be a Gunner from tomorrow. The Chilean star, according to the sources of online sportsbook sites in the UK, is very close to sign a deal with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. The odds for Alexis to join Man City are 1.40 (2/5) at Paddy Power Sportsbook.

However, even if the deal isn’t made official by midnight, Arsenal shouldn’t stop worrying about the future of Alexis Sanchez. That is because the Spanish transfer window closes only tomorrow midnight so Spanish clubs are still free to transfer players. And both Barca and Real are actively looking for a forward to bring in their squad…

What is your opinion? Is Alexis Sanchez leaving Arsenal? Would he be willing to return to Barcleona? Or could he betray his past and turn into a Galactico from a former Blaugrana player? Bet on Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal and join one of the best Spanish teams this summer!

To find the best odds to be ton Alexis Sanchez’ next club, you better check out the latest review about Paddy Power Sporsbook and go for the special football betting odds section. That’s where you can find the odds for Alexis to leave Arsenal this summer. Where do you think Alexis will play this season? Place your bets now!

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