Join Vbet Sportsbook and Make the Weirdest Bets Ever!

Vbet Weirdest Bets Ever

Do you enjoy random novelty betting and the fact that you can bet on anything, literally? Then check this out…

The online sportsbook directory is usually full of the latest odds about upcoming sports events, mostly football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey betting is available for all users. However, the biggest sites are also offering novelty betting services to their customers which can result in a pretty funny prediction game.

Could it be politics, TV shows, your favourite series, the Oscar Awards and well let’s face it: you can literally bet on anything today. And all look like nothing compared to the special betting offers that you can find at Vbet Sportsbook. You can actually make the weirdest bets ever. Let’s see some of the best ones!

Will Kim Kardashian be the next US President?

We have this topic covered in a little bit more detailed version, but if you’re only interested in the best odds to bet on Kim Kardashian to become US President, then Vbet Sportsbook is the place to be at, without a doubt. The odds for Kanye West’s beloved wife to become the most powerful person on Earth are 1001.00 at the popular sportsbook site. Is it possible?

Bet on Armenia to conquer the football world!

Armenian football is pretty much unknown all around the world. The Armenian national team is not really the favourites against any other team, and no Armenian football club could be called “famous” or “good”. It also means that people don’t often have the option to bet on Armenia or Armenian football clubs to win anything.

That is because online sportsbook sites in the US are generally actually realistic and they would like to present odds with actual possibilities for it to happen. Now that’s what Vbet Sportsbook would like to destroy and make it possible for people to be able to bet on anything if they wanted to.

Do you expect Armenian football to be on the rise? Bet on Zidane to take over the Armenian national team before 2026, bet on Armenia to win the World Cup before 2031 or bet on any Armenian football club to win the Champions League. The odds for each event is 1001.00. Will you take advantage of it?

Bet on a Conchita concert in an unexpected place

Do you remember Conchita Wurst? She (he?) is from Austria and was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2014. You had the chance to bet on Conchita back then if you placed a bet on Eurovision, and now you have the chance again: bet on Conchita to perform a live concert in Yerevan for 1001.00. While I’m not sure about the political beliefs in Yerevan, I’d think it’s not liberal enough for this to be allowed.

Bet on Putin to be overtaken before 2031

Do you know anything about Vladimir Putin? If yes, then you are surely aware of the fact that his successor will most likely be a man. If there ever comes a time when somebody will take over control from the famous President. That’s not likely as of today his power seems to be in better shape than ever before.

Putin Laughing

”They said it was time to step down, and I was like…” (Photo: Sputnik)

And now you can be ton Putin and for his position to be overtaken by a woman. Could a woman win elections in Russia? Can the next Russian President be a woman before 2031? That’s one of the things you can bet on at Vbet Sportsbook.

Would you like to see more of the weirdest bets of all time? Then you should read the latest review about Vbet Sportsbook, sign up for a new account and go to Special Bets and then to World and 1000+. That’s where you can find the weirdest bets ever, including the above-mentioned ones.

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