Is XFL Scripted? – The Most Anticipated Disappointment of 2020

  • Is McMahon's new act a scam?
  • Is XFL a real sports event or just a theatrical show?
IS XFL scripted
Image source: XFL via Wikimedia Commons

After 20 years, XFL is back thanks to Vince McMahon, who is mostly known as the chairman of WWF. While the act was failed in 2001, this time it seems that people are interested in another football league over the NFL. Still, there are plenty of controversial things about XFL. Is XFL scripted? Is it a real sports event or just a theatrical act that will have another loan season? Will there be a rivalry between  XFL and NFL? Let’s find out together.

Even if Vince McMahon is more like a business- and showman rather than a sportsman. The thing that he has been a WWF World Champion tells a lot about him. As a chairman of the WWE, he was wrestling under his own name (as Mr. McMahon), and won plenty of scripted shows. In my opinion, that’s everything but fair play.

And why is it important that is XFL scripted? Because of the protection of the bettors at the online gambling sites in the US. If the outcome of the games is already decided that means, the odds at Bovada may not reflect reality.

What are the main rule differences between XFL and NFL

So, the theory is that XLF will represent a faster game-pace and reduce the maximum length of the game below 3 hours. Basically, no one expected that after their failure in 2001, they will reboot the show. However, McMahon gave it another shot. He declared that they took out everything from the game that made it controversial, the only thing left is a better and more simple way of football.  Despite the couple issues with the act, they do it right at the moment. The XFL season (which is during the NFL offseason) is at the halfway. Here are the following changes in the rules compared to the NFL.

  • The Kickoffs are completely different, it’s easier to understand if you take a glimpse at this video below

  • There is overtime in the games just like in soccer. If the game is a draw both of the teams have a couple of attempts to score a point.

  • The point system is completely reworked

  • There are fewer punts in the game

  • There are only 25 seconds between the plays instead of the 40 seconds

  • Behind the scrimmage line, you can do more passes not just one

  • You don’t need to touch the ground with both of your legs to score a touchdown

The original XFL wanted to merge the elements of wrestling and football

The main reason why we think that XFL is scripted is that McMahon’s idea was that they should make a football league which is like the Survivor show. That has the elements of a WWE event with a proper storyline. Where the players’ conflicts affect the gameplay. Sounds entertaining but in my silly world, professional sport is about hard work, endurance, and sacrifices. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s not a problem if you make a scripted sports event, however, telling people it’s not scripted is not ethical. Online sportsbooks in the US also share my opinion…

The reasons why XFL failed in 2001

XFL was completely overhyped. Everyone was buzzing around the new show. Nearly as many people watched the first XFL match as the Super Bowl. However, despite the show was the most anticipated act of NBC in the early 2000s, after the great start, they have failed to keep up the standard. Also, there were other issues with the matches.

IS XFL scripted
The XFL Pitch – Image source: Johnmaxmena2 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The garnishing and the game itself were also too aggressive and violent. Even the team names represented brutality, like the Ragers, Demons, or Hitmen. Over that, there were a lot of serious injuries and fights between the players and also between the audience. The more simple rules left room for a more violent playstyle that enforced footballers to treat the opposite team inappropriate.

Sexism was an issue as well. While in NFL or Collage Football it’s an essential rule that cheerleaders can not date the footballers, in XFL the organizers encouraged the ladies to get closer to the players by any meaning. Stress relief is important they said.

By the way, the under-dressed cheerleaders took all the attention, you could see a lot of transparency that said: „I’m here for the cheerleaders”. The strippers in the hot-tub at the end of the pitch didn’t help either.

Also, there were plenty of technical issues which caused the displeasure of the viewers and NBC as well. However, despite all the listed controversial things the biggest failure was the quality of football itself. Despite the spectacular moves, we can’t even call that football.

Is XFL scripted? – The list of proofs

Even if McMahon declares that XFL is not scripted, in my opinion, it’s a scam.

  • Camera angles – Even if, the armored cameraman running around, they can’t see the future, the tapes are like scenes from movies not like a sport emission
  • They keep on talking about the storyline, however, that means they want to make a show and if you make a show you cannot just rely on the reality
  • Take a look at the best plays… How is that possible that there were more epic moments in 4 weeks than during a whole NFL season (This is my biggest proof, that these happenings on the field are irrational and too spectacular to be true)
  • Also, you can see that the player are uncertain about their environment but certain about their moves

If you are still uncertain about the question that is XFL scripted, just look deeply into MacMahon’s eyes…

IS XFL scripted
Those sly McMahon eyes – Image source: Airman 1st Class Nicholas Pilch via Wikimedia Commons

If XFL is scripted, why don’t they let us know?

I think the answer is simple, there would be bad business for McMahon. A lot of sports fans would be disappointed. Even more, all the online sportsbook news in the US would be buzzing around the topic, which would put them in the same situation as they were in 2001.

The bright side of the appearance of a scripted football league

I must admit, there are still a couple of good perks that XFL gave to the football society. The camera technology that XFL used in 2001 is now the basic setup for the NFL with the armored cameramen and with the mics on the players to hear the knocks and tumbles. Also, the camera above the pitch was a newish thing.

The other advantage of the return of XFL is that they will force the NFL to bring new values to the table. I mean their popularity and the quality they represent are falling. Is XFL scripted? We don’t know, but it means a rivalry to the NFL anyway. Thus, it can refresh the bloodstream of football in the US.

The other advantage of the return of XFL is that they will force the NFL to bring new values to the table. I mean their popularity and the quality they represent are falling. Is XFL scripted? We don’t know, but it means a rivalry to the NFL anyway. Thus, it can refresh the bloodstream of football in the US.

is xfl scripted
Will McMahon’s star will ever fade? – Image source: Al Pavangkanan from Van Nuys, USA / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

In summary, even if it’s scripted or not it can entertain people and sometimes that’s fair enough. Anyhow, don’t take it too seriously… Do you know what the X stands for in XFL?  Stands for literally nothing, nothing at all. It meant to be extreme but there is a football-association with the same name. McMahon, you are a genius.

Should you bet on XFL?

While we listed a lot of controversial issues about XFL, a bet on it can be rewarding. As you can bet on WWF or Tv-series, wagering on this act also can be fun and sensible. Just keep in mind that there are cases when not the statistics but the show will decide who will be the next champion and be aware that the 2020 XFL odds may not reflect the reality.

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