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Posted: March 14, 2020

Updated: March 17, 2020

  • Now I have won some money, how do I get it out?
  • How long do I have to wait for my cash-out
  • Always read the terms and conditions before you start

After you’ve been playing at the online casino for a while, there’s a very good possibility that you’ll have scored some winnings to your account. And now you’d like to make that casino cash-outs  for some or all of that amount. Normally, you’ll head over to the websites cashier. From here, you’ll need to enter all the required personal information, along with maybe some form of ID. The funds can be transferred in whatever currency you care for. On the whole it should be a simple reversal of putting money into the account when you began playing. But do check the small print of each and every casino before you start playing to ensure that you are happy with whatever with drawl means they might have in place.

Introduction: Casino Cash-Outs

When you’re checking the small print, also remember to have a look at payout times. Some sites will not let you take your casino cash-outs instantly. Some can take as long as a few days. Of course much will depend on the number of hoops you’ll be needing to jump through to have the payment cleared from their end. Things like, paperwork and other authorization, along with the casinos cash out policies can certainly end up costing you time. Again, please read all the rules and regulations for each site. Normally, electronic transfers to e-wallets with a site like Bovada Casino, are the fastest. Skrill and Paypal are by default almost instant. Another point is that you should assume that you can both deposit and withdraw monies using the same method. For example you may be able to put funds for your online casino deposit using your credit card. But don’t think that you can then automatically use the same method to withdraw any winnings. Probably the main factor will be where about’s the casino is based country-wise. All casinos will have some sort of limitations. So, once again, do your homework. let’s have a deeper look by answering some common questions.

Does the withdrawal amount affect the timescale?

The time it takes to withdraw any funds from your online casino account has many variables. From the laws of that particular country to any rules the casino imposes itself. Generally speaking, everything depends on the amount. If you’ve won huge, then expect a check in the post. Some times casinos break up big wins and only pay out a certain percentage of the total, each month. Your mileage may vary depending on the casino.

Is there a minimum withdrawal?

So you’ve won playing at Bovada Casino, but you don’t want to empty your account as you would like to play again at another time. The minimum amounts available for withdraw depend on a couple of factors. The casino may only approve payouts over a certain amount. Also the method of with drawl matters. For example, if you’re using Neteller, then they will accept your payout as low as $10. It’s all in the small print. So read it before you start winning and then grumble about not being able to get your winnings when you want.

I’ve read complaints about cash-outs and bonuses.

This is about perception and common sense. You’ll come across a lot of casinos advertising a 100% bonus. So you then think that it means for every $100 deposited, you actually get another $100 into your account. Being a sneaky bugger, you also think that you can simply cash out that offered $100 and so make an easy profit. Now, this is gonna hurt, but if you thought about it, for even a micro-second, you’d realize that’s just not working for the casino. Most, if not all bonuses, come with playing requirements. In other words, you’ve gotta spend some real cash before you can turn your bonus into real money. Many complaints are about this very thing. Players have an expectation that the bonus is usable from the get-go. Nope, read the rules.

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Does the payout percentage have any bearing on fast casino cash-outs?

According to online casino news in the US, the short answer is “no”. The payout percentage or Return To Player (RTP) is just a % of your money that gets handed back to you over a period of time. So an RTP of 98% means that for every $100 you wager, you’ll get $98 back. It means that the site keeps $2 of every bet. But please keep in mind that this figure is calculated over thousands of game plays. It doesn’t mean that you will get that amount back for this session. It’s a long term average. And it doesn’t take into account the amount of money you might score in your hands. But it has no bearing on how fast you get your casino cash-out.

Are there fees associated with faster payouts?

Licensed sites like these online casino sites in the US, have to follow the gambling laws of their country. Most of these are surprisingly strict. So though there may be some sites that charge you a fee in order for you to secure a payout, it’s few and far between. Often there’s a certain payment option which requires a fee. But this would be the same across all sites offering the same option. On the whole, there’s nothing to pay for you to get your winnings.

Payment methods that offer the fastest casino cash-outs?

The answer to this is incredibly site dependent. On the whole, for casino cash-outs, e-wallet options tend to be the fastest. Companies like Neteller, Skrill and UKash are pretty quick. It goes without saying that checks take a lot longer. Wire transfers are totally dependent on the countries concerned. As stated over and over above, please take the time and make the effort to read all the small print, before you start to gamble. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and wasted time. Good Luck!

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