It’s Not Always Just About The Winning Lottery Numbers

Posted: July 21, 2021

Updated: August 18, 2021

  • Lotteries Ease From A Birthday Win To Californian Elections
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  • Get A New Corvette Or An Electoral Edge At The Ballot Box

We can all imagine ourselves picking the winning lottery numbers. Each of us has a dream of what we would do with those winnings. Of course, this is because we know we have a fair chance. Everyone has the same mathematical possibility. Hence, the popular and progressive jackpot lotteries we like are not the only lotteries. People fall back on this age-old principle far more often than you might think, and sometimes in some very serious scenarios indeed.  

Steven Hair won a brand new tripped out Corvette. Someone gave him the tickets as a birthday gift and his prize included the car plus $100,000. He intends to buy a house with some of the money and is considering which color Corvette to select. We can understand that sort of win. We can identify with the intentions too. He hit the winning lottery numbers and we might too. Great. Lotto Agent is there for just that purpose. However, lotteries aren’t limited to merely hairy wins.

Sure, the vast majority of us will always think of a lottery as recreational way to gamble. Lotto Agent allows us to hit the winning lottery numbers here, there and everywhere. However, we have always used similar principles to establish a random result. We draw lots, or straws. Play rock, paper, scissors. Flip a coin. Even the best lotto jackpot reviews will admit that’s actually the far more common instance. Just think of all the sports that use such things on every occasion.

Lottery Used To Randomize Ballot List In Recall

We have melded hitting the winning lottery numbers into our very culture. Our heroes always draw lots to see who goes on the dangerous mission. However, we don’t just use the principle in these fripperies and baubles of entertainment. You can find a lottery in use even at the highest levels of government. Or, as in the case of the Californian recall election, just when it’s all got out of hand. No, don’t worry, they’re not settling the election by a lottery, just the ballot.

“I’m thinking red.”

  • Steven Hair – Corvette winner

Californians have a veritable array of candidates, forty-one at the last count, standing against Gavin Newsom. At least 21 of them identify as Republicans, including Caitlyn Jenner and Kevin Faulconer. Election officials had to select in what order these names appear on the ballot, instead of alphabetically. So they chose a lottery to provide the order. Thus the best lottery jackpot in California is probably not hitting the winning lottery numbers but hitting the top of the ballot.  

Winning Lottery Numbers

Lotto Agent Has Your Winning Lottery Numbers

Political commentators will tell you this sort of thing is important. In such a big field no one wants to dig through a long list to find their choice. So, you do have an advantage the higher up the ballot they list you. Of course, random results do have their issues. Californians will find surnames beginning with X will top the list. Classic. But at least none of the major candidates hit the winning lottery numbers with this draw. They’re evenly scattered throughout the list.

California Recall Election Odds 

  • Tom Steyer – 50/1
  • Kevin Faulconer – 50/1
  • Richard Grenell – 50/1
  • Eleni Kounalakis – 33/1
  • Antonio Villaraigosa – 14/1
  • Caitlyn Jenner – 8/1
  • Gavin Newsom – 1/15 

The full list is, in order,  X, K, T, V, F, N, R, G, J, Y, Z, L, M, B, A, Q, H, D, I, E, P, C, W, S, O, U. A lottery rewriting the alphabet just to ensure a fair result. Sure, it may look a little goofy, but they all had the same chance of coming top. Just as we all have the same chance of winning the best lottery to play, of hitting those winning lottery numbers. Gavin Newsom, meanwhile, is probably glad the election itself plays out under very different rules, few if any of which are fair. 

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We take a look at how picking the winning lottery numbers for cash prizes isn’t the only way we use the principle to randomize results.

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