Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till Betting Odds – This Ends With A Knockout or Submission


Posted: October 1, 2020

Updated: October 1, 2020

  • One of the most exciting fights at middleweight
  • Two opposing strategies coming head-to-head

Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till betting odds are out as several sources confirmed the bout to headline the UFC event on December 5th. The outcome of the fight means two different things for each fighter. Till does not want to fall further in the rankings and wants to bounce back with a win, while a win for Hermansson could put him in line for the next shot at the title.

A Top Middleweight Matchup

Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till is an exciting matchup between two of the top-ranked fighters in the middleweight division. Till has a professional record of 18 wins and 3 losses. Although the Gorilla lost three of his last four fights, he is one of the top talents in the division. His last loss came against the former middleweight champion Whittaker in a close unanimous decision. Therefore, a win against a tough opponent such as Hermansson will certainly put him back in the top five. On the other hand, Hermansson is currently on a roll after winning five of his last six bouts. In his last fight, The Joker tapped out Gastelum in the first round with a heel hook. Since, Hermansson is number four in the rankings, a win over Till could put him in title contention. So, what do the Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till betting odds say?

Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till
Let’s fight!

Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till Betting Odds: Here Is My Breakdown Of The Fight

Although Till is coming off a loss in his last bout, let us not forget that Whittaker is a former middleweight champion. Till put up a solid performance and had his moments in the fight before losing by decision. He is a very dangerous striker with a Muay Thai background. Also, he kicks very well and is a master at keeping distance to stay away from danger. In addition to his powerful hands, The Gorilla has strong thick legs which will play a significant factor in stopping the takedown attempts. Till strategy will revolve around keeping the center of the octagon, striking from distance, and using his footwork to circle around and stay away from any takedowns. Online sportsbook sites in the US favor The Gorilla in their Jack Hermansson vs Darren Till betting odds. At 22BET Sportsbook, betting odds for Till to win are 1.81.

Hermanson on the other hand is a well-rounded fighter with a black belt in BJJ. He is also a very formidable fighter on the feet, but Till will always be the better striker. Therefore, Hermansson will utilize his superior ground game and try to submit his opponent. Since this is a main event, the 5-round fight could also favor Hermanson since he has a better gas tank. The question is will Hermansson be able to put Till on the ground? If he does, then the advantage shifts to his side, otherwise, I see Till knocking him out. At 22BET Sportsbook, betting odds for Hermansson to win are 2.056.

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